Finance for Managers - Advanced Course


Program Description

A 4-month intensive program specially designed for managers directly involved in the financial activity of companies. It aims at building on participants’ expertise, discussing the latest state of the art concepts and techniques in the field, used worldwide, and less investigated and approached in Romania till now.

At the end of the course, participants will have valuable tools to make complex and up to date financial analysis and decisions, in accordance with international requirements. In this way, they will have an important contribution to obtaining and keeping the competitive advantage and credibility of the companies they work for.

The program is organized once a week, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. It is a demanding program. In addition to the class sessions, participants spend a significant amount of time on individual and study group work.


* Assessing the financial health of the firm

* Financial forecast and planning

* Managing growth. Financial sustainable growth rate

* The financial management of the operations

* Evaluating investment opportunities; the risk in investment decision

* Financial markets and financial instruments

* The financing decision and company value

* Introduction to the capital cost

* Business restructuring

* Acquisitions and mergers: the relation value –market price

* The modern role and the mission of the financial management

Last updated Jan 2018

About the School

The Institute for Business and Public Administration from Bucharest (ASEBUSS) was founded in 1993 through a program financed by USAID – The US Agency of International Development (1993-1995). The Roma ... Read More

The Institute for Business and Public Administration from Bucharest (ASEBUSS) was founded in 1993 through a program financed by USAID – The US Agency of International Development (1993-1995). The Romanian-American School of Business, part of the Institute, has been organizing since 1993 The Executive MBA Program (EMBA) – the only American EMBA on the Romanian market in partnership with prestigious US universities. The academic alliance created by ASEBUSS and Kennesaw State University leverages the strengths of each program to the benefit of both students and faculty. Participation in this jointly designed academic experience prepares our students for a leadership role in tomorrow's business organization. Participants learn to manage the cultural, linguistic, technological and geographical boundaries by working within international teams of students to complete a variety of assignments and projects. The opportunity to learn from each other and from their respective employer organizations provides the first-hand experience that cannot be found in other EMBA programs. Currently, ASEBUSS is a private, independent institution, authorized and accredited by the Ministry of Education and Research to organize postgraduate academic programs. ASEBUSS activity is oriented in two main areas: the Romanian-American Executive MBA and the Continuous Education Department with programs in business and public administration. The Executive MBA of the Romanian- American School of Business is a postgraduate program for managers from private or state-owned companies, Romanian or multinationals, public utility companies, addressed to all successful executives who have to take important decisions, with increased impact on the business environment in Romania. The main objective of the school is to better prepare experienced managers in decision making, to provide them the basic knowledge and tools for dealing with the challenges of the transition to the market economy and to educate them to become international managers in a global market. Read less