21st July - 7th August 2020 (3 weeks)

From scriptwriting to finished film, a chance to learn about the fundamentals of filmmaking.

Course highlights include:

  • Create a short film from initial idea through to post-production
  • Learn the fundamentals of filmmaking
  • Storyboard Development: Narrative Techniques
  • Script Writing and Developing Drafts
  • Production Design
  • Casting and Rehearsals
  • The Art of Directing; Working with Actors
  • Lighting a Scene
  • Camera Angles and Shot Selection
  • 2 – 3 Days Live Film Shooting
  • Editing and Post Production techniques
  • Sound Editing
  • Film screening with a group critique

The UK film industry continues to be one of the world’s greatest providers of cinematic entertainment and asks for passion, creativity, technical ability, vision, research and commitment. Ideal for those with an interest in pursuing film or media-related studies, this intense and fast-paced course will give you the chance to explore a variety of roles within the filmmaking process and develop an understanding of both the creative and technical aspects of making a film.

Working in small groups you will develop a screenplay, shooting script and storyboard for a short fiction film, taking part in pre-production tasks such as casting, and developing a narrative, before beginning the live film shoot and post-production sessions.

You will have the opportunity to work with live actors on set and learn the art of directing; finished films will be screened at the end of the course for group critique and to add to your showreel.

Course Aims

The course aims to:

  • Develop your understanding of storytelling principles and strategies specific to the short fiction film
  • Enhance your understanding of narrative techniques; how to communicate visually and respond creatively to a brief
  • Enable you to produce a short fiction film and understand the process from storyboard through to finished screening
  • Provide participants with the opportunity to explore different roles of a film crew, gaining an understanding of film crew responsibilities and skills
  • Enhance your understanding of film technical processes and cinematic terminology (e.g. mise-en-scène, editing, sound, etc.)
  • Enable you to explore industry standard film equipment, developing your confidence and understanding of cinematic equipment and best practice
  • Encourage your reflective skills through the critique of your own and others’ work, as well as through the critical study of film
  • Develop your practical experience and understanding of post-production techniques and processes, including sound editing.

Course Materials & Resources

All course materials are included in the course fee, students will have access to use specialist film-making equipment in the studio or on location. Resources available include:

Arriflex SR 16mm and Alexa classic camera kits, Bolex 16mmm cameras, Sony FS 7 cameras, digital recording kits with flashcards, a full range of microphones, booms and stands.

A wide range of tungsten and HMI studio and location lighting, fluorescent soft lighting, stands, reflectors, C-stands, arms and knuckles.

Post-production and digital resources include Avid and Final Cut Pro.

Course Outcomes & Assessment

There will be a screening of the completed films with AUB staff, and students invited for a private screening. You will receive a copy of your completed film to add to your portfolio or showreel.

All students with 100% course attendance will be issued with an official AUB Summer Course Certificate detailing course contents and study hours.


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Program taught in:
  • English (US)
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