Filmmaking - 1 Year Program

Prague Film School

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Filmmaking - 1 Year Program

Prague Film School

September 8, 2017 - May 26, 2018

Prague Film School trains students to become film professionals. This is accomplished through implementing a praxis-heavy curriculum integrated with theory and analysis in the classroom. Each student is involved in up to 30 productions annually, many of which end up in the Industry's top film festivals.

The prevailing ethos of Prague Film School is a mix of European art-house and American independent cinemas. Up to 80 students annually enroll at the school, drawn from the best schools around the globe and from a wide range of professions and backgrounds.

Different from many national film academies or major private film schools abroad or in Europe, Prague Film School is characterized by its small size. This lends a particular intimacy to the educational and filmmaking experience, promoting close work relations with teachers and students and affording easy access to filmmaking facilities.

Based in Prague, it is the city of Prague itself that plays a leading role in the students' experience at PFS. Professional productions come from all over the world to shoot in one of the world's most beautiful capitals. Students at Prague Film School have the city available to them all the time, as a classroom, as a home and as a film set.

Films made in the course of the year program reflect a gradual progression from the basics of filmmaking to the successful completion of a well-crafted film. Each stage of the process is developed under the supervision of the faculty whose courses cover theoretical and technical topics aimed at deepening knowledge and honing technical skills.

The year program is divided into two semesters. First semester, each student completes foundation courses in screenwriting, directing, cinematography and editing. Students also enroll in two elective courses while receiving additional training in sound, lighting, camera movement and grip.

Practical exercises are integrated into the curriculum and each student directs 4 films while working on another 16 to 20 productions in some crew capacity.

During the second semester, students specialize in one or two areas of their choice. Each specialization has its own curriculum. As part of the specializations, each student writes and directs 2 to 3 films and works on another 12 to 14 productions in various crew positions.

The great emphasis of the second semester is placed on the Diploma Film, which should be of film festival quality.


Early-Action Application Deadline: December 8, 2014

Final Application Deadline: February 23, 2015


  • Tuition Fee: 14.900 Euro
  • Equipment Fee: 900 Euro [does not apply for acting for film program]


Praxis-Oriented: One would be hard-pressed to find a program that provides as much practical exposure to filmmaking. More than 400 films are shot per year at Prague Film School and students in the year program participate on as many as 30 productions. The operating principle of Prague Film School is training, and we believe as with instruments or with languages, the only way to develop fluency is to practice.

High-end facilities: Prague Film School is well-stocked with the latest cutting-edge equipment used in professional film productions throughout the world. Students have immediate access to the school's fleet of cameras, including RED, Arri, Canon and Sony high definition cameras, in addition to high-end lighting, sound and grip.

Intensive: The type of student who chooses Prague Film School comes to us because he or she has essentially only one year in terms of time or financial resources to cross from where he or she is in life at the moment into the world of professional filmmaking. We then have only one year to bring these students to a level of competence where they can operate professionally. As such the program is highly squeezed.

Faculty-student relations: Core faculty are brought in from around the world. While all teachers are accomplished professional filmmakers, their primary purpose in Prague is to teach students at Prague Film School. The dynamics are then what you find at exclusive boarding schools and small colleges in the U.S., where the teachers are highly devoted to their students and accessible. Faculty also embody the school’s ideology of integrating European art-house with American independent cinemas.

Diversity of student body: In a student body of 60 students, 25-30 countries are represented. Nearly every other student is from a different part of the world, but there’s a sub-cultural glue binding them together. Students live and breathe film together.

Liberalism: Most students at our school have completed undergraduate studies and see their time at film school as a cherished chance to wed their deep interests with a vocation. As such, the administration treats all students as responsible adults and trusts students to take full responsibility for their studies. The school does not interfere with students’ artistic choices.

Prague: Prague is one of those very rare cities that manages to combine cosmopolitanism with intimacy and beauty. It’s magic is apparent to just about anyone fortunate enough to spend some time here. Prague is a major European film center with one of the continent’s largest and oldest film studios. The city is regarded among the world's most beautiful capitals and productions come from all over the globe to capitalize on the the city's beauty and film resources. For a film student, Prague is a dream city, providing a setting for virtually any type of film, a charismatic metropolitan buzz for inspiration and affordability still unique in the developed world.

Application Deadline: March 5, 2017

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Sept. 2017
Czech Republic - Prague
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