The designer is the heart of the fashion system, but it is no longer only the creative who draws a drawing and colors it: the pure and simple talent is no longer enough nowadays because the designer not only creates clothes but also lifestyles.

In addition to the design technique, the designer must have assimilated the culture of the past to be able to have the sensitivity for the future, he must know the pattern making, merchandising, production, research techniques and cool hunting, computer graphics, marketing, and product communication. The designer, in fact, is not simply the one who creates the collections: there are many outlets and professional figures, ranging from women's, men's and children's collections, to collaboration at the style studios, from research to product, from the field of publishing and the specialized press.

Some of the fashion professionals involved:

  • Luca Zacco (Fashion coordinator Versace)
  • Maurizio Cinà (co-Founder of “Buyer Association”, ex A.D. of Frankie Morello)
  • Armando Pollini (Pollini Design)
  • Emiliano Rinaldi (Art director La Perla)
  • Simona Polli (Director WHITE magazine)
  • Flaminio Soncini (Founder of “Buyer Association”)
  • Elena Salvaneschi (General Manager of TheOne Milano, owner of IAFIL Spa)
  • Massimo Torti (General secretary of Federmoda Confcommercio)
  • Giulio Di Sabato (President of Assomoda Italia, owner Sari spazio showroom)
  • Giovanni Cavagna (Fashion designer Max Mara, Les Copains, Loro Piana, YEdition)
  • Lino Spina (Senior Pattern maker Prada, Genny, Celine)
  • Ornella Rigoletti (Senior Pattern maker Valentino, Armani, Ungaro, Richmond, Montana

Course Objectives

The three-year course in Fashion Design and Patternmaking aims to train young professionals able to design and implement their own ideas and collections and to collaborate with other designers as fashion consultants.

Course Program

The 3-year program provides a complete and specific preparation; meetings and seminars with stylists, art directors, fashion editors, managers, both at the headquarters and in studios and ateliers during the course of studies are an important part of the learning process.

I Year

  • Principles of Fashion Design, drawing and the human figure
  • Color for the figurine
  • History of fashion and costume
  • Color Theory
  • Textile technology and goods (fabrics and materials)
  • Mood-board
  • Collections 1
  • Graphic processing with computers
  • Meetings with professionals (workshops)
  • Visit the trade fairs (MilanoUnica, TheOneMilano, Lineapelle, WHITE, Micam, etc.)
  • Pattern making and technical model 1
  • Packaging and tailoring 1
  • END OF YEAR'S EVALUATIONS and inter-company internships during the course of study

II Year

  • Collections 2
  • Technical Plates
  • Research and coolhunting
  • Meetings with professionals (workshops)
  • Graphic processing with computers
  • Semiotics of clothing
  • Pattern making and technique of model 2
  • Packaging and tailoring 2
  • Visit the trade fairs (MilanoUnica, TheOneMilano, Lineapelle, WHITE, Micam, etc.)
  • Visual communication
  • END OF YEAR'S EVALUATION and inter-company internships during the course of study

III Year

  • Collections 3
  • Capsule Woman, Man, Teen, Baby
  • Portfolio Creation
  • Visit the trade fairs (MilanoUnica, Intertex, Lineapelle, WHITE, Micam, etc.)
  • Participation in various seminars
  • Inter-company internships during the course of study
  • Meetings with professionals (workshops)
  • Pattern making and technique of model 3
  • Packaging and tailoring 3
  • Participation in international competitions for young designers
  • Preparation of the thesis of the Collection for the final examination
  • FINAL EXAMINATION with External Commission

All inter-company internships planned during the three-year course are certified.

Visits are planned at fashion studios, showrooms, boutique, and companies, to support training and understand the sector's buying system.

Certificate: IFDA is certified ISO 9001 for the educational system of quality, sector EA 37 Nr. SQ164098, and releases certificates recognized at international level.
Certification with the names of the professionals of the external commission.

Program taught in:
  • Italian
  • English
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Oct 19, 2020
3 years
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Aug 30, 2020
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