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Program Description

From Sonic Branding to VR and AR – explore how leading brands are disrupting the industry using new channels and evolving technologies. Discover the most innovative approaches to brand strategy from the world-class creative and advertising agencies.

Our one-week immersive learning expedition brings together the brightest and most forward-thinking CMOs, brand strategists, creative directors and heads of marketing who want to be ahead of the competition, explore the new frameworks that world-class agencies use right now and find new ways to reach their audience.

The programme includes talks, round-table discussions, fireside chats, mini-workshops, studio visits and case study deep dives. With topics ranging from trend forecasting, brand innovation and new tech to custom typography, SMM and design trends – you will be able to get a fresh perspective on branding and learn new strategic tools. You will also have a unique opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the most influential agencies in London and spend a week with 25 inspiring fellow creatives from around the world.

During the week you will experience:


We will immerse you into the London tech and creative industry, by connecting you with the most influential people in the industry and taking you to the offices of leading UK companies. Each speaker will share their own insights and will be able to answer any questions you might have. By having only 25 participants on this programme, we make sure that each of you will get the most out of this experience.


You’ll be able to see the best view of London from the top of a skyscraper; you’ll get to visit the most exciting exhibitions of the year, and you’ll discover where London’s creative community spends their free time. In addition, you’ll get recommendations to guide your own explorations, with tips on the best places to eat, drink and relax in the capital of Great Britain.


At the end of this intensive week, we are hosting a party for all participants, with lecturers, special guests and people from the industry. After presenting certificates to each participant, we’ll have some drinks and a party. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to get useful contacts, be introduced and just enjoy the company of inspiring and successful people.

Programme structure:


Every day will consist of various activities to maximise your learning experience.

  • Morning guest: the first activity of the day includes an informal talk to activate the brain and body to receive the creative stimuli of the day. You will interact with other participants, share your ideas, experiences and expectation for the day and meet local professionals to get to know more about the backstage of the innovation industry.
  • Morning session: it is the first session of the day, it will take the form of a lecture, fire-side chat or a workshop in one of London's top companies.
  • Lunch break: between the morning and afternoon sessions we will have a short break when you will have an opportunity to have lunch and enjoy the surroundings of the day programme locations.
  • Afternoon session: it is the second session of the day, where you will have a chance to visit another top London agency and listen to their team revealing tools and methodologies they use in everyday work.
  • Debrief and the city: after a long day of absorbing new ways of working, idea brainstorming and creative exercises we will debrief the content of the day to better organise them in our minds. This activity will be short and engaging and it will take place straight after the afternoon session in locations that we can then visit as cultural and social activities such as museums, galleries, event spaces or bars.\

Who attends this programme:

  • Creative and design directors
  • Brand managers and strategists
  • CMOs and heads of marketing
  • Graphic, digital and packaging designers
  • Professionals who are passionate about branding

In a week you will learn:

  • How to make brands more human and customer-centred
  • What are the most undervalued brand strategies at the moment
  • Methodologies and frameworks London's creative agencies use
  • What do new technologies mean for the branding industry
  • How leading design studios work with clients and manage teams
  • What Gen Z wants to see from modern brands
  • Best practices for brands on social media
  • Latest trends in design and branding

Course curator

Glenn Garriock, co-founder of FormFiftyFive and Made by Folk


Glenn Garriock is a freelance graphic designer from Scotland currently living and working Germany. Since 2009 he's worked in various fields such as branding, print, packaging, web & user interface design, as well as cultural & social communication. He co-founded the design-blog FormFiftyFive in 2007 which showcases the best creative work from around the globe that recently merged with Made by Folk.


22-26 June 2020, 10am-6pm

We will also have a party/networking event on Friday from 6 pm till 9 pm.

Some of the delegates prefer to stay for the weekend after the official programme finishes and we've selected some exciting exhibitions and places for you to visit in your own time. If you have other commitments and need to travel back home on Saturday morning, that's ok as well.


£2,200 (Subject to 20% VAT; if you are paying as an individual living in Europe, UK or if you are a UK business)

Price includes:

  • All talks, office visits, facilitated discussions and workshops
  • Exhibition entries and planned cultural activities during the programme
  • Party/networking event at the end of the week
  • Certificates
  • Price doesn't include banks transfer fees, food, travel, visa, accommodation or any other extra expenses.


We recommend staying in the Shoreditch area, as most of the sessions will be held there. It's the most creative part of London, so there will be a lot to see as well. Nearest tube stations is Old Street.

We partnered with 3 great hotels to give you the best deals, please use the links below:

  • M by Montcalm (Select: London Shoreditch Tech City or Royal London House)
  • Ace Hotel (Enter code for discount: FUTURELNDN)
  • Premier Inn (Select London City Old Street)

How to apply

To apply for the course, please complete the form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you with the information about the payment and the next steps.

Places on the course are limited to a maximum of 25 people.

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Future London Academy (FLA) is an educational organisation formed in 2013. Our courses cater for professionals across a variety of industries; they consist of talks, lectures and workshops conducted b ... Read More

Future London Academy (FLA) is an educational organisation formed in 2013. Our courses cater for professionals across a variety of industries; they consist of talks, lectures and workshops conducted by industry experts. Our programmes are designed to immerse participants in the creative, commercial and cultural life of London. Read less