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Learn Branding with a strategic and marketing vision, to develop and apply tools; Understand and put theory into practice in two real projects: a large one, with a complete delivery, and a small one - the branding for startups. That is, a delivery with the size and agility that this market needs.


Branding is, in essence, transdisciplinary. Therefore, the course is relevant for professionals in design, writing, communication and marketing as well as for those who work in areas such as administration, sales, finance and human resources. It is for people from any areas who are interested in learning about brand management and communication.


Plunging into theoretical and reflection moments, students develop the two real branding projects at every stage, from research to brand experience, learning from professional market references.


The course aims to understand Branding, and the role of professionals in the strategic management of brands. This course provides participants with insight into current Branding and can develop identity strategies and guide the expression of the brands they manage to stand out in their relevant market.

The classes will be taught by professionals with recognized performance in the market, which will bring data from the reality of agencies, clients and large cases. The idea is to convey to students in a practical way the challenges and opportunities related to Branding.


We view more than 6,000 brands per day, every day. In addition, we work for brands and brands. They act in building our society and can connect people.

Thus, brands are sets of ideas that create mental shortcuts: they are ideas, links, feelings.

Branding is researching, understanding, analyzing, planning, building and making tangible brands from their essence, understanding the target audience and analyzing the market.

Branding is gerund, it is the conscious and constant act of identifying, communicating and managing in a unique way that only that brand does. Branding is the management of the perception of the product / service delivered with the expectation of the consumer. Branding is reputation management.


In the Professional Master in Branding, students learn to think and strategize, going through all aspects of brand management. In addition, the Branding course of IED Rio works the skills necessary for contemporary professionals, such as:

  • Visual Thinking
  • Storytelling
  • Pitching
  • How to Improve and Present Your Portfolio and Curriculum
  • For this, it counts on the guidance of recognized teachers in different areas of the market.


Students, recent graduates or professionals in the areas of Design, Marketing, Communication, Arts and interested parties who aim to broaden their knowledge on the subject.


One of the differences of the course is to develop branding projects for clients in the market. Thus, the new group will develop a project for the Bondinho Pão de Açúcar, one of the most important institutions in the construction of the image of Rio de Janeiro. And, in addition to this great endeavor, the group will also develop Branding projects for the incubated companies of Rio Criativo. They are small brands with potential for growth and generation of work and income.

To further assist in achieving their professional goals, students are provided with Mentoring activities. In addition, you still have the opportunity to get to know the market outside Brazil, through a 40-hour international module at the IED Italy or IED Spain venues.

Last updated Mar 2020

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Within the boundaries of Rio Genius Loci, IED will focus its teaching programs to take in not only Design, Fashion, Communication and Visual Arts, but also the innovative principles of sustainable arc ... Read More

Within the boundaries of Rio Genius Loci, IED will focus its teaching programs to take in not only Design, Fashion, Communication and Visual Arts, but also the innovative principles of sustainable architecture and of strategic and service design. Read less
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