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Program Description

The Expert Video Game cycle Supinfogame Rubika has 3 specializations: Game Design, Game Art and Game Programming.

Game Design specialization

Game Design includes a set of skills characteristic of creating a fun interactive experience. Teaching Game Design is multiple stakes: create a fun and immersive interactive experience means to a game system and its gameplay mechanics.

This business utilizes a variety of skills: systemic and creative spirit, attention to detail, achieving gameplay mechanisms, just emotional experience, mastery of technical tools.


  • Game Designer: It aims to define all the game elements to create a fun and immersive experience using the mechanisms of interactivity.
  • Level Designer: It designs and produces levels of caregiver involves the curve progression of the game, the continued growth of its difficulty, the diversity of situations and the pace of interactivity which is subject the player.

Game Art specialization

The Game Art (or computer graphics) includes the arts, production of digital images, universe, characters and interfaces. It aims to create a visual aesthetic that allows players to fully immerse themselves in the universe.

Based on production constraints identified, Game Art taught Supinfogame Rubika places students in a close framework of professional production lines.

From traditional design to meet the requirements of a previously reflected Game Design, Game Art also includes the design of characters, coherent universe, ergonomic interfaces, mastery of animation and special effects, as well as control various technical tools (3DS Max, for example).


  • Graphic 2D / 3D: It focuses on the production of digital images in the service of video game production characteristics defined by the Artistic Director.
  • Moderator: It breathes life and movement in the game It defines the style of animation by having a thorough knowledge of production constraints of a video game..

Game Programming Specialization

The developer sets up the game mechanics, its rendering and runs the game. It plays a crucial role in production since the programming is the cornerstone of the successful operation of a project.

The Management and Programming industry is open to all students who wish to program for the Video Game. Programming specific to the games includes a range of specific skills in order to make credible and fluid gaming experience.

For this, it includes specifications that have to do with the actual gameplay, but with AI tools programming, database programming or programming on social networks.

The specificity of training Programming Supinfogame Rubika: put students in game production situation upon their return to school.


  • Engine Developer: He organizes the game structure and adapts to targeted platforms.
  • Gameplay Developer: Ensuring the quality of interaction and content. He handles programming and implementing game mechanics.
  • Developer tool: It helps in the development of tools dedicated to the creation of the game to the attention of the development teams.
  • Developer Network and online: It develops databases and work on protocols dedicated to multiplayer games, like TCPIP, Raknet and Facebook SDK.
  • Middleware Developer: It develops on existing engines videogame.
Last updated Jan 2017

About the School

RUBIKA est une école de formation professionnelle en 5 ans, qui délivre 3 diplômes de niveau 1(RNCP), spécialisés dans l’animation, le jeu vidéo et le design industriel.

RUBIKA est une école de formation professionnelle en 5 ans, qui délivre 3 diplômes de niveau 1(RNCP), spécialisés dans l’animation, le jeu vidéo et le design industriel. Read less