Expert Degree in Gastronomic Technique


Program Description

Data of the degree

  • Qualification: Expert title
  • Aimed at: Restoration professionals who want to boost their career with training at the highest level
  • Duration: 3 months (February 18 - May 18)
  • Total hours: 240h
  • Credits: 17 ECTS
  • Price: € 2,200
  • It is taught: Monday and Tuesday
  • Delivered in: Spanish
  • It is taught in: Castellón (Spain)


Delve into the techniques

The curriculum of this Title is based on an almost exclusive learning in cooking. The most classical techniques and those of the most avant-garde creation will be studied. All this to obtain a perfect treatment of the raw material from the pre-elaboration to the finalization of a plate. The program will last 3 months.

A team made up of the best

We have the best experts in product, technique, avant-garde, innovation and kitchen trends. You can learn together with many of the international reference chefs that are part of our Culinary Team. Highly specialized professionals that make our teaching staff one of our differential elements.

Why study this title?

  • You will technify your kitchen and obtain the tools that will allow you to take your culinary knowledge to another level.
  • You will discover the tools of creativity management to develop your own gastronomic concept.
  • You will delve into the classic Mediterranean cuisine to extract its essence.
  • You will deepen in the current techniques of pre-elaboration of raw materials.
  • You will master the most innovative techniques and develop your creative potential.
  • You will know first hand the most successful business models and you will be aware of the latest trends at the international level.
  • CEU Cardenal Herrera y Gasma University is committed to an innovative methodology and an active role for students: practical sessions, Masterclasses, workshops, visits ...
  • You will learn from the experience and know-how of our Culinary Team and the greatest experts in Gastronomic Management.
  • You will bet on networking and promote your own gastronomic community thanks to the contact with chefs and professionals who participate in your training.
  • You will learn through an eminently practical academic training. You will learn practicing, managing, cooking.

Addressed to

Entrepreneurial spirit

The objective of this Expert Title is not only to train the best chefs, but also the future entrepreneurs of the gastronomic sector. Professionals that are nourished by the new trends that move the international gastronomic scene, the new concepts and the current values ​​that mark the sector.

  • Students of Higher Degree / half of cooking and restoration (Hospitality)
  • Restoration professionals who want to boost their career with training at the highest level.

Program and methodology


  • The Cardenal Herrera y Gasma University is committed to an experiential and motivating format in which the student is the main protagonist of their training. The objective is for students to develop their professional profile to the maximum and acquire all the skills demanded by the sector. The best way to do it is through an innovative and dynamic methodology. For this reason, 80% of the hours of this Expert Title are dedicated to practical training.
  • The classes are held in intensive days of Monday and Tuesday between 9.00 and 6.30 pm with meals at the center, so that the student takes full advantage of this gastronomic experience. The students are trained in practical-participatory sessions and work together with international reference chefs.
  • We bet on experiential learning beyond the classroom. The objective is for the student to know and value the work of the different gastronomic actors: farmers, producers, distributors, laboratories, ID centers, etc. All this under constant supervision by the trainers and a continuous evaluation of the knowledge.


The subjects of the Degree offer the student a training in management and management tools as well as in the knowledge of the current successful business models in the sector.

  • Classical Techniques: The current trends of gastronomy go through a look back to the great classics. For this reason and because all gastronomic proposals are based on solid structures, classic techniques will be studied within each of the gastronomic aspects.
  • Technique and Creativity: Innovation in these two disciplines makes the difference in current gastronomic proposals. We will put at your disposal the mechanisms of creativity management, as well as the most advanced techniques so that you can develop your knowledge.


The Expert Title will have a teaching staff composed of professionals and experts with extensive experience and pedagogical capacity, who make up our Culinary Team. It is a team in constant growth and composed, among others, by:

  • Chefs of international prestige.
  • Producers and experts in each area of ​​the product.
  • Researchers and experts in ID i.
  • Businessmen of the restoration and the food industry.
  • Experts in culinary management.


The Title will be paid in the following way:

  • Registration fee: (* reimbursable in case of non-admission) € 150
  • Rest of the amount: (* to the confirmation of admission) € 2,050
  • Total: € 2,200

The registration includes:

  • All teaching material and raw materials used during the program.
  • Experiences outside the classroom to complete the training.
  • Gasma uniform

Admission process

  • Form: To start the process, fill in the form at the end of this page and make the payment of the registration fee. In the case of choosing the bank transfer as payment method, please send the proof of payment to the address, in order to set up a personal interview.
  • Interview: Within 24 hours of receiving the Application for Registration, the student will conduct a personal interview with a team of teachers and Gasma experts. The objective is to know the candidates, assess their knowledge in the sector and their aptitudes for the program. The interview will be done personally or via Skype, in case of not being able to attend in person. Once the personal interview is done, the teaching team can decide if it is necessary to carry out a personal knowledge test to assess the candidates.
  • Results: Once the personal interview (and the knowledge test if it is considered necessary), the applications will be assessed and the results of the admission process will be communicated to the registered ones. In case of being admitted, a confirmation e-mail will be sent and the request for payment of the reservation of the place, which can be made within 48 hours, either by electronic payment (virtual POS or Paypal) or by bank transfer.
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About the School

Gasma is the Gastronomy and Culinary Management Campus from CEU Cardenal Herrera University.

Gasma is the Gastronomy and Culinary Management Campus from CEU Cardenal Herrera University. Read less
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