Experiential Activities in Japanese Summer Course


Program Description

(Open to students at all proficiency levels)

Drawing upon our vast experience in combining language and culture in multi-level classes, this course provides an opportunity to experience Japanese culture first hand with Japanese students through activities such as playing traditional musical instruments, calligraphy, cooking, visiting JFOU club activities while improving their Japanese language skills. This course is designed to help students improve their language skills through five to six activities focusing on aspects of Japanese culture and society. Each “experiential activity” consists of three phases: “Preparation,” “Experiential Activity” and “Feedback.” Two to three class meetings will be spent on one activity. Typically, one class meeting is allocated to each of the “Preparation” and “Experiential Activity” phases. The preparation involves learning words and expressions as well as learning or reviewing grammatical items to be used in a particular activity. The “experiential activity” is the actual experience. Volunteer students whose native language is Japanese are brought in to work with summer program participants in these class meetings for both language support and authentic interaction in Japanese. After each activity, students write a short report according to their proficiency level. At the end of the course, students will conduct further research on one of the activities (topics) experienced earlier in the course and write a report in Japanese, which should be accompanied by a portfolio. Depending on the number of students, students will give an oral presentation as well.


Twin size accommodation is available for the Summer Session participants. All housings are located in the vicinity of the school and are convenient for commuting. All housing is equipped with bedding, furniture(desk, chair, table), shower unit, toilet, microwave, TV, and internet connection.

Important Dates

Program Term: June 30th – July 27th

  • June 30th – Arrival
  • July 1st – Orientation
  • July 2nd – Session starts
  • July 27th – Session ends

Cultural Program

Japanese culture experience opportunities will be offered outside of the course.

Financial Information

Program fee: JPY 360,000

The JFOU Fellowship (JPY 20,000) is available for participants from JFOU partner schools, including IAUP, APUCEN, and ACUCA.

The fee includes

  1. 2 courses
  2. Housing fee
  3. Airport pickup
  4. Domestic insurance
  5. Field Trip & Culture Program fee

Not include

  1. Airplane tickets
  2. Commuting cost between J. F. Oberlin University and housing
  3. Living expenses and meals
  4. Textbook

Application period

  • Jan 15th – April 16th

Required documents

  • Copy of passport
  • Completed medical form (You can download a format after Sign Up)
  • Official transcript from your current school

Voices from Participants

"I really value all the student visitors, discussions, and lectures."

"The teachers are very helpful in and outside of class. They understand each student‛s Japanese proficiency level."

"I like the discussion of this course. I like to go out the class to visit the international company. I had a great experience that I followed this course, so I hope that more students go to this course next year."

"Visiting Microsoft or other companies will be interesting for other students. I hope that this course will be held next year for Japanese students too."

Last updated April 2018

About the School

The Summer Session at J. F. Oberlin University is a four-week intensive program in the suburbs of Tokyo.

The Summer Session at J. F. Oberlin University is a four-week intensive program in the suburbs of Tokyo. Read less