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Experience India with IILM

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Experience India with IILM is aunique two week program especially designed and customized to appeal to a Global citizen. The program seeks participation from international students from universities all over the world. Designed to give exchange students a short term experience of India while they study, the program facilitates an academic insight, cultural exposure, industry
engagement and overall development of the participant.

India being a country which encapsulates the beauty and enigma of a rich cultural heritage, warmth in the people and diversity in existence creates an enthralling everlasting memory for a visitor. During the stay in India, students will experience
a perfect blend of modernity and tradition.

Students will discover the hustle and bustle of the second most populous nation on earth, along with its rich cultural history and natural beauty. From the ‘golden triangle’ of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur to the holy city on the banks of the River anges, Rishikesh, Experience India will be unlike anything international students have undertaken before. Being a deeply religious country, all the major religions of the world are represented under a canopy. Away from the noise and bustle of the more populated areas, there are also plenty of peaceful and deeply spiritual places for students to discover.

Advanced Management Program (AMP) offered by IILM provides insights into different industries and organization. With current trends, preparing students for future challenges in management. The intellectual capital of IILM represents the world’s top business schools and is part of a distinguished community. The two week program provides academic and discussion facilitated learning by two advanced management programs of fifteen hours each. The students can earn credits for the two AMP modules covered as part of their program. Formal assessment will follow after each AMP to enable an assurance of learning.

In voluntary community service facilitated by IILM with NGOs. This will give students an exposure to working with street children and will sensitize them to the social development sector of the country.

Excursions to Agra, Jaipur and Rishikesh have also been incorporated in the 2 week program.These places are few of the most sought after destinations by foreign visitors.

  • AGRA

Located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Agra is home to one of the most beautiful architectural marvels of the world the “Taj Mahal”. Known for its unique inlay and marble work, it is a small city which was built and dominated by the Mughals.

The day trip to Agra will be truly be exciting for all.


Located in the state of Uttarakhand, Rishikesh, known as the “Gateway to the Himalayas” is abode to the Holy River Ganges. The city, popularly known as the “world capital of Yoga” brings out myriad experiences for a visitor. The land of spirituality, peace and calm provides complete relaxation and rejuvenation which is in contrast to the busy city- life. To make the experience truly enriching, the stay would be in an “ashram”- to closely view the yogi powers of spirituality. The city makes room for adventure sports and river rafting on the banks of the Ganges.


Is rich, vibrant kaleidoscope of amalgamated traditions, history and culture. Being the national capital and a fast developing metropolis, it is home to the finest educational institutions, industry, Corporate houses, monuments and a large expatriate community. Being the capital of the country, Delhi is a snapshot of “Mini India” and highlights the essence of the entire country.

During the 2 weeks in India, the participants will be based in Delhi and will travel to other places for visits. IILM will host all the students and provide a safe and secure accommodation at our Gurgaon campus in NCR.


The city of Jaipur is enchanting, mesmerizing and truly magnificent where students will get a feel of traditional India. It is known for the small and medium scale industry and handicrafts. Besides forts and palaces ,the rich legacy of the city attracts people towards the ethnicity and culture.

The beginning of each week enfolds sessions on cultural sensitization, tours, travel, industrial visits and volunteer work and concludes with the Advanced Management Program over the weekend. The entire program entails the components of management education, practical and live exposure into the Indian Industry coupled with memorable moments of tourism, spirituality and adventure. Last but not the least, to make the experience complete, taste of tangy Indian flavors, potpourri of various cuisines and culinary delights from different parts of India would create an unforgettable memory. IILM looks forward to hosting students from all parts of the world, taking them through the wonderful journey of Experience India.

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Start date
July 2017
2 weeks
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Start date July 2017
India Delhi, NCR-Delhi
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