Executive Program in Information Technology: Strategies and Solutions


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Program Description

Developing sustainable business models that effectively use technology to further operational improvements, vendor procurements, and customer relationships is critical in staying competitive in today’s business environment. Technology coupled with strategic planning and proven industry best practices yields unbounded rewards for those organizations who dare to challenge the status quo. This course will provide senior executives and upper management with the technical foundation, strategies, and solutions to effectively plan, implement, and sponsor information technology initiatives.

The course is composed of sessions which consist of technical deep-dives accompanied with practical, technical application scenarios. Through this program, executives and management will learn information technology concepts, real-world applications, technology trends, and the use of technology as a competitive lever. Executives and management members will be grounded with enough technical competence to effectively communicate with their CIO, CTO, Technology Managers, Software Developers, and IT consultants. This course will allay any fears one has about engaging in any information technology discussion and will allow one to quickly ascertain the technologies involved, the challenges the organization faces, and the appropriate course of actions to take.

Program Dates and Fees

June 29-July 1, 2009 $4,375.00

August 26-28, 2009 $4,375.00

During this seminar you will learn to:

* Understand core concepts of information technology

* Make sound decisions regarding technology investments

* Speak the language of bits, bytes, and IT consulting

* Create and read an architecture diagram

* Effectively communicate with a CIO, CTO, Technology Manager, Software Developer, and an IT consultant

* Discuss the benefits of IT project implementation methodologies

* Facilitate an IT Request For Proposal (RFP) for software or hardware vendor selection

* Ask informed information technology questions

* Determine technologies needed to support operational improvements

* Anticipate future technology trends

* Incorporate Internet-based and other technologies to improve business processes

* Negotiate IT services, hardware, and software contracts to your advantage

* Improve software and hardware-related decision making through improved understanding of the technology and how it fits within the business context

* Understand the importance of new technologies such as XML, Web services, and service-oriented architectures

* Network and discuss with fellow colleagues on their IT implementation experiences

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for business executives with little or no formal knowledge of Internet concepts. It will benefit those who are in a decision-making function regarding investments in technology for operations, new initiatives, and e-business. Titles may include CEO, president, COO, vice president, director, project manager, and business manager.

Course Modules Outline

-Hardware Topics

-Software Topics # Introduction to ERP & CRM Software Applications

-Internet Technologies # Technology Implementation Landscape

-Technology Evaluation and Selection -

-N-tier e-Business Architectures # Middleware and System Integration

-Database Technologies # Computer Security # IT Strategic Management

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