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  • Certificate: in Supply Chain Analyst certified by Blockchain Institute
  • Description: Learn the possibilities that blockchain technology offers in the logistics and supply chain sector and how to implement it to optimize daily processes and routines
  • Start: March 2019
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Method: Live online classes (with subsequent access to recordings)
  • Schedule: Monday from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Price: to consult

Competences to acquire

  • Introduction to Blockchain and DLT: To apply the blockchain to Supply Chain or to any other sector, we must begin knowing the philosophy and bases behind blockchain technology and distributed technologies (DLT)
  • Business Ecosystem: You will learn which institutions, consortiums, startups and companies are leading the race towards decentralization. Discover and analyze trends and orientations following the path of companies such as Maersk or IBM, among others
  • Blockchain applied to the supply chain: You will be aware of the implications that blockchain and DLT technology have had, have and will have in the business models of the supply chain sector.
  • Smart Contracts: You will master the application of this software that is changing the world of business and its members
  • Business models: You will learn how to apply blockchain technology to revolutionize current business models and also how to accelerate business models already created as companies such as UPS or British Airways are doing
  • Asset Tokenization: You will be able to understand which processes and operations are likely to be created, optimized and even eliminated thanks to the Blockchain and DLT technologies

Training objectives

Provide comprehensive training in the field of Blockchain technology, DAO's and smart contracts, including crypto-currencies as a special case, from a technological, economic-financial and regulatory perspective

  • 1 Understand the key concepts that give rise to the functioning of this new Blockchain paradigm and know how to use their services productively. We introduce you to the world of Blockchain and the Decentralized Ledger Technologies (DLT) in the hands of active and reputable professionals in the sector. You will understand how to apply the capabilities of these technologies to the day to day business of today and the future, forming part of the digital revolution that we are currently experiencing
  • 2 Obtain the capabilities of abstraction and design-thinking to conceptualize solutions based on Blockchain in new use cases or business models of your sector or company
  • 3 Achieve critical analysis skills to identify established or newly created Blockchain projects with growth potential. Discover the ecosystem of the distributed accounting system (DLTs) and its application in the supply chain
  • 4 Learn how to implement blockchain technology in the management, control and monitoring of strategies aimed at optimizing the logistics and supply chain of both traditional and e-commerce companies. Creation of new business models thanks to the new paradigm of global tokenization, use of intelligent contracts, autonomous organizations and decentralized applications
  • 5 Implement logistics solutions through decentralized technologies


The Executive in Supply Chain is structured so that the student is able to cover all the management, control and monitoring needs of the strategies focused on optimizing the logistics and supply chain of both traditional and e-commerce companies through technology. blockchain.

  • Module 1 Blockchain and DLTs
  • Module 2 Institutional and business ecosystem of the sector
  • Module 3 Past, present and future of Blockchain and DLT in supply chain
  • Module 4 Smart Contracts: Introduction, Definition and Analysis
  • Module 5 Cases of use and success
  • Module 6 Value chain tracking and assets tokenization using Blockchain and DLT
  • Module 7 Development of the final project
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Last updated January 22, 2019
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Mar 2020
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Mar 2020
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