European Flight Academy MPL Program


Program Description


The European Flight Academy trains the pilots of the Lufthansa Group. Our Multi-Crew-Pilot License (MPL) training program prepares you to fly in a two-person cockpit right from the start. After 24 months, you are leaving the European Flight Academy ready and trained on a type of aircraft. After completion, MPL holders will be entitled to use all Lufthansa Group airlines.

Do you think the dream of flying is unattainable? Most people do not fail because of our selection process, but because of their self-confidence. So forget all your concerns, let it matter and find out if you have what it takes to become a pilot! Here is your checklist.


You want to take over these tasks:

  • Manage a highly complex plane above the clouds
  • Take responsibility for the crew and hundreds of passengers on board
  • Learn how to calculate flight routes and stay calm in the most adverse weather conditions


  • Have a high school diploma or general / subject-related university entrance qualification in your pocket
  • You are an EU citizen or have a permanent residence permit with unlimited work permit within the EU (plus Switzerland)
  • Speak fluently English and German
  • You are at least 17 years old
  • Fulfill the requirements for a medical airtightness test (proof does not have to be available when applying)

That's what makes your dream job

  • Best chances of finding a job with one of the top airlines in Europe
  • Diverse perspectives, even outside the cockpit
  • Countless opportunities to experience the world and its cultures first-hand
  • Appreciation for your work and a high reputation in society
  • An office where the sun always shines
Last updated July 2019

About the School

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