Specific language for specific needs

Two-week programmes

English for Medicine

Accent International

For Doctors and Medical Students, this course looks at the language of General and Specific areas of Medicine. From General Practice, through specialisations such as Oncology, Dermatology, Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Cardiac-, Thoracic-, ENT- and Neuro-, surgery and many other technical, complex and sensitive language areas.

English for Law

Accent International

For Lawyers, Solicitors, Notaries, Barristers and Law Students, the specialist English for Law is a complex but necessary skill. Whether the focus is on Civil, Criminal, Company, Family, Chancery, International Fiscal, Public or Human Rights law, this course helps with the specific language and skills necessary.

English for Oil and Gas

Accent International

For all involved in the international area of oil and gas, English is a vital skill for managers and professionals in both upstream and downstream areas of the industry. In Exploration and Exploitation; and from drilling through wireline services and pipeline services to refinery practices and beyond, the language is very specialised.

English for Pharmaceuticals

Accent International

In the rapidly-moving world of Pharmaceuticals, change is a daily occurrence. Products develop, systems expand, companies merge, markets evolve and communications become ever more crucial. In the scientific and technical fields, in the IT areas and the Finance, Purchasing and HR networks of truly global Pharma companies, specialist language skills are increasingly necessary.

English for Aviation

Accent International

For Pilots and Air Traffic Control, Aviation English has long been an essential skill to be able to work in this field. Increasingly, Aviation and Aeronautical Technical Staff, as well as those in the field of Aviation Customer Service and Airport Management have specific language needs. These courses address those specific language needs.

Tuition costs for all courses for 2 weeks are £2500

All courses are two-week, 40-hour, intensive group courses for maximum 6 participants. Minimum age for these courses is 23. The courses run from 09.00 – 17.00 Monday to Friday.

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  • English
Accent International

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