English for Special Purposes Program

The English for Special Purposes Program is designed for learners who need English to communicate in social, work, and specialized career situations. Business classes, accent training, broadcasting and public speaking skills, legal English, human resources management, and media fluency are some of the diverse areas students may choose to study. Skill development occurs in all 4 language areas (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), and there is a focus on putting new skills into use in realistic contexts.

Business English

  • Course Description: Accelerated Professional Program (APP) international Business English helps students develop the skills needed to communicate successfully on the job with emphasis on reading strategies, analytical thinking, and oral presentation. Themes integrated throughout the course include global communications, business topics, and business-related issues.
  • Who is a good candidate for this class? Advanced students are good candidates for this class. It will enable them to develop practical language skills with a focus on business-related themes, vocabulary, and grammatical structures.
  • What will students learn from the course? Students will participate in real-life situations – business conversations, delivery of sales pitches, etc. They will also review and discuss case studies, deliver a variety of presentations, and practice for simulated job interviews.
  • Requirements: C1 level; 90 TOEFL iBT; 90 Oxford Placement Test; 6.5-7 IELTS

Media Fluency

  • Course Description: This course examines how mediated communication has influenced and changed our interpersonal interactions, political behavior, cultural understandings, and economic realities. Students will explore topics that include the role of media in political processes; the place of journalism in contemporary society; the effect of media on global communication; and the significance of strategic communication, such as advertising, on business and our culture(s).
  • Who should take this course? This course is appropriate for advanced students who are interested in deepening their critical thinking and analytical skills. It is a theory-based course that is taught at the university level
  • What will students learn in the course? In addition to learning critical analysis and advanced level writing skills, this course also focuses on the development of 21st century skills such as creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, and media-curation/appropriate (i.e., sorting, categorizing, and presenting material from multiple sources in such a way as to create a unique editorial experience for readers/site visitors) by providing students with the opportunity to become content creators through a class blog
  • Requirements: C1-C2 levels; 90-120 TOEFL iBT; 90-100+ Oxford Placement Test; 7.5-9 IELTS

Inlingua Washington DC Newsroom

  • Course Description: Explore news broadcasting and gain valuable presentation, research, and interpersonal skills in this election course. Select footage will be broadcast on the worldwide web over inlingua Washington DC’s social media sites, and on ‘inlingua TV’ at the school.
  • Who should take this class? Advanced students who want to develop their public speaking abilities, become better readers, and learn to manage strict deadlines will benefit greatly from the inlingua Washington DC Newsroom course.
  • What will students learn? Students will be involved in all parts of the process of creating news. They will learn how to find stories and decide which stories are important. They will also learn how to research diverse topics, write relevant interview questions, conduct effective interviews, and compose scripts for different story lines and audiences.
  • Requirements: C1 level; 80-90 TOEFL iBT; 80-90 Oxford Placement Test; 6-7 IELTS

Accent Reduction Seminar

  • Course Description: In this 8-week seminar, students practice variations in intonation, sound linking, and rhythm exercises; give oral presentations; record and review their speaking progress, and learn about American accents and culture.
  • Who should take this class? High Intermediate to Advanced students who want to develop and improve their Listening and Speaking skills will benefit from this class.
  • What will students learn? Students who successfully complete this level will be able to speak with more natural American intonation and rhythm and demonstrate improved understanding of the speech of native English speakers.
  • Requirements: B2-C1 level; 74+ TOEFL iBT; 85+ Oxford Placement Test; 5.5+ IELTS
Program taught in:
  • English (US)

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