English for Academic Purposes

Course Number Course Title University-Level Course Eligibility
ENGL 094 English Foundations 1: Upper-Beginner N/A
ENGL 095 English Foundations 2: Lower Intermediate N/A
ENGL 096 Academic Preparation: Intermediate N/A
ENGL 097 Academic Preparation: Upper-Intermediate N/A
ENGL 098 Academic Preparation: Lower-Advanced Up to 2 university-level courses
ENGL 099 Academic Preparation: Advanced Up to 3 university-level courses

ENGL 094 and 095 are designed for students who are in need of building the foundations of the English language before moving on to academic-related skills requiring more clarity and fluency in English. The emphasis in these courses is on improving language skills with a strong focus on grammar and vocabulary building to improve reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

Intermediate Academic Preparation

The objective in ENGL 096 and 097 is to help prepare EAL students for success in a North American post-secondary setting by improving skills in six key areas: reading, writing, listening, speaking, critical thinking, and research. Emphasis is placed on learning specific academic skills, including note-taking, citing sources, structuring writing formally, and researching.

Advanced Academic Preparation

The Advanced EAP courses focus on writing, reading, listening, and speaking, and provide ample opportunity to develop these skills through direct and interactive practice. Students will also develop research and essay writing skills to enhance their core competencies and prepare them for College/University study. Students will be trained to recognize different genres of writing, their strategies, and purpose. Assignments will require students to discuss and compose literary analyses, reviews, critiques, argumentative essays, research papers, and business reports.

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