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This course is available for both domestic and international students (CRICOS 076368F)


The course prepares you for all the likely language challenges you will experience in a tertiary setting. You will be guided by expert and supportive teachers facilitating you in gaining all the necessary skills of writing reports and essays in English, delivering presentations in English and understanding the expectations of an English-speaking college or university. Understanding the college, university, and TAFE culture in Australia is paramount to your success and study journey. Once you complete the English for Academic Purposes course successfully, you will be able to use English in a variety of academic contexts and take responsibility for your progress with minimal support from your teachers. This course can be packaged as part of our English for Higher Education Studies (EHES). It is expected that most students can complete each level of the course in 10 weeks. On completion of the course, you may not need to sit the IELTS or other tests to study with one of our articulation partners.

We offer two levels of Academic English:

  • Upper Intermediate (EAP1)
  • Advanced level (EAP2).

These 10-week courses will equip you with the English language and academic skills necessary for successful academic study. Upon successful completion of EAP 1, you can progress to EAP2.

In Academic English you will learn skills in the following four major areas:

Speaking and Writing (Production)

  • planning, drafting, and editing reports and various essay types
  • enhancing/building communication skills in tutorials
  • how to prepare and deliver academic presentations and seminars
  • pronunciation and voice training practice for PowerPoint presentations and seminars
  • engagement and participation in group work projects
  • speaking clearly and confidently
  • in-text referencing and bibliography
  • intercultural communication
  • how to take notes in lectures
  • building academic vocabulary and knowledge of collocations
  • class discussions which improve spoken fluency, confidence and range of language.
  • written work which develops your ability to construct complex sentences, paragraphs and essays

Reading and Listening (Reception)

  • note-taking for lectures and tutorials
  • analysing text structures
  • techniques for skimming, scanning, and speed reading
  • building your academic vocabulary and knowledge of collocations
  • a variety of texts which develop reading and comprehension skills

Learning about Australian University Culture

  • knowing expectations of Australian university lecturers and tutors
  • time management and study skills
  • how to reference and paraphrase effectively to avoid plagiarism
  • learner independence and self-management

Critical Thinking & Work Skills

  • how to approach tertiary assessment tasks
  • research skills
  • internet search skills
  • effective negotiation and persuasion skills
  • computer literacy and numeracy
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UPC history goes back to early 2002 when a private college was established to provide coaching to Australian students.

UPC history goes back to early 2002 when a private college was established to provide coaching to Australian students. Read less
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