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2019 "Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)" One step ahead "Global" summer!

Singapore, an energetic city-state with diverse cultures interwoven with mosaic patterns. Join a summer program that feels global with SIM, one of Singapore's leading private education institutions, also known as a world city!

International Summer Program @ SIM (ISP @ SIM)

This summer course is a great step towards a world full of opportunities. Set in the international city of Singapore, with its diverse values and allowing people to experience different cultures, IPS @ SIM aims to enhance the five capabilities needed to be active in the global world.

~ Global Competence, Creative Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Digital Intelligence ~

In ISP @ SIM, we set up 3 tracks in 2 periods and carry out the program.

  • Session 1: July 1-July 19, 2019
  • Session 2: August 13, 2019-30 August

Please select the track according to the content and your English level.

  • Track 1: Global Learning Experience (GLEE)
  • Track 2: Business English for Beginners (Business English for Beginners: BEB)
  • Track 3: English Immersion Program (EIP)


Why SIM?

In addition to Singapore's dynamically mixed culture, SIM's campus also has a culture based on its founding spirit. Based on the training of next-generation leaders, SIM, which was established before the founding of Singapore and has actively established ties with overseas universities, is widely recognized as an international educational institution.


Experience, Stunning!

1. Core lecture

Track 3: The English Immersion Program (EIP) is designed to make it easy for beginners to use English with confidence. Make new friends and have fun learning English.

English is the first step in opening the window of the world full of possibilities. As the English language improves, the information and entertainment available on the Internet increases and the world expands. And, similarly, English is an important language to be active in the global world.

Track 3 aims to build a solid English foundation so that you can use it with confidence. I am used to speaking English, through role-plays and mini-discussions that assume work from everyday scenes, focusing on speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Learn English in Singapore, where many ethnic groups connect in English.

2. Corporate consulting project

Engage in a 5-day intensive consulting project in either a Singapore or foreign company to broaden your business experience and business insight. Work on the project, practice the contents learned in the class, and deepen the understanding based on the thorough method of project type learning and work intensive type learning.

3. Personal development workshop

Conduct various personal development workshops to improve soft skills such as teamwork and adaptability.

  • Discover Singapore Race!

Experienced races run through cultural mosaics, from tourist attractions that are representative of Singapore, to local attractions that do not turn in ordinary travel, from futuristic skyscrapers to historic colonial architecture.

  • Marina Bay Sands

The view from the 57th floor observation deck, which rises from the ground, is a breathtaking world-class skyline and panorama. Keep a drink with a drink at the colorful sky bar “Ceravi” that appeared in the movie “Crazy Rich”, and take a special selfie to make your memories in Singapore more vivid.

  • Networking Dinner ~ Business and English ~

A dinner event to expand the network with young people in their 20s and 30s who are focused on doing business in Singapore while being a foreigner. Let's imagine the future of working abroad, bumping up what you feel in the world, such as living abroad, finding work, romance in foreign countries, and relationships with distant families.

  • Global communication-on the drum rhythm-

An exciting team building session using drums. Listen to the speed of the beat, the length of the silence, the sign of the change, the meaning of each movement, and feel the perfect teamwork and leadership, creative rhythm, astonishingly different from words .

  • Sports simulation ~ sports and business ~

What strategy does a sports team need to win? Good sportsmanship is also important, but in order for the team to win, player recruitment, media / advertising, and victory can be achieved only by people who have various roles. Through this session, let's experience the team operation required to win the team.


4. Company visit

We visit companies in different industries with the purpose of knowing the business environment.

The following is a list of companies.

  • Asia Pacific Buruary
  • Bloomberg
  • Facebook
  • Hero Flowers
  • master Card
  • Microsoft Technology Center
  • Paris Baguette
  • Personalized love
  • Singapore Utilities Agency (PUB)
  • Purnama Outreach
  • Resort World Sentosa
  • Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS)
  • Skoot


5. SIM student buddy

As well as support during classes, field trips, workshops and programs, you can go to the sights of Singapore together on weekends and show us how to enjoy Singapore in a local way. The three weeks I spend together is the best spice to get my irreplaceable friends.


If you are interested, register first!

href = "http://bit.ly/ISP_SIM2019

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


We look forward to seeing you at ISP @ SIM!

Person in charge:

Takumi Ogawa (Mary Yuh)


Last updated April 2019

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