Effective Manager Program


Program Description

Professional retraining on the course "Effective Manager" has already become the key to success for many senior and middle managers from companies of various industry sectors.

Management science is the most important of the disciplines. Come to study if you are interested in career growth and professional development in the field of management.

The program is designed for:

  • middle managers;
  • line managers;
  • heads of structural units;
  • specialists.

Learning Objectives:

  • to expand knowledge in the field of management in order to allow you to see the complexity and diversity of the organization’s business activities, to increase self-confidence, and also to teach a rational approach to solving non-standard and unfamiliar management problems;
  • to achieve the development of self-development skills in order to meet modern requirements of the business environment, to be able to effectively develop and build business processes in an ever-changing context;
  • build a deeper understanding of the needs of customers and consumers;
  • actualize decision-making skills based on financial information;
  • to develop a reasonable approach to solving non-standard, unfamiliar, multi-aspect management problems.

In addition, training under this program is a unique opportunity to study the experience of other managers and share knowledge.

Expected results

Already during the training, you will master the skill of correctly formulating problems with their subsequent effective solution with the help of acquired management tools.

Training on this program allows you to create a holistic picture of the organization’s activities - from the first to the last lesson, you will be asked to continuously develop skills in solving managerial problems, regardless of which area they belong to. The training tasks carried out in the process of business education are based only on the real situations of the students themselves, which are a reflection of the current reality, when every day new tasks appear before the modern manager.

LINK advantages:

  • comfortable learning on the job / study;
  • extreme practical orientation of the educational process. Training is not based on abstract situations, but on real problems of self-development and development of your organization. It is focused on solving specific problems, and the solutions found are immediately put into practice;
  • modern and relevant content, based on the materials of the program "Professional Certificate in Management" at the School of Business of the Open University of Great Britain (OS), guarantees the absolute demand for acquired knowledge and management skills;
  • universality: managerial skills and competencies will be developed sequentially, as they progress through training, regardless of what area of management they belong to;
  • flexibility in learning courses of the program in any sequence, with interruptions in training.

Learning technology

LINC offers a flexible approach to learning, which allows you to effectively use any free time for classes. The course is taught using the open distance learning system with support (a unique technology of “blended learning” - English blended learning, which has no analogues in Russia).

“Blended learning” means conducting tutorials - face-to-face lessons with a teacher-mentor, independent work with teaching materials, work in an online course conference that provides continuous interaction with a tutor and group students. In addition, it is necessary to write two independent written works, complete a number of tasks, pass one mandatory three-day visiting school and a final written 3-hour exam.

The training format, especially in terms of independent work, is as close as possible to the MBA training format.

Program structure

The program consists of several basic continuing education courses :

  • " Organization and personnel management" 6 months.,
  • Marketing and Finance Management” (6 months) (if you wish, you can study two separate courses “ Marketing Management” 3 months, “ Financial Management” 3 months)
  • “Integration in Management” 3 months. This course is a summary of the previous three. It will allow you to structure your knowledge by participating in a full-time three-day visiting school. The course is required for those who are going to take the final three-hour written exam under the Effective Manager program to receive a diploma on professional retraining of MIM LINK and a document from the Open University of Great Britain. It is recommended to study this course at the same time as the last of the main courses of the program.

The features of the Effective Manager program are a flexible approach to planning the learning process and a modular system that provide you with the following features:

  • start training from any course;
  • take a break between studying courses when necessary;
  • study several courses at the same time to reduce the duration of training
  • to improve qualifications in only one functional area, having studied one course.

For the effective management of its activities and a market-oriented company, it is necessary to be a comprehensively developed specialist, able to make decisions based on a combination of information coming from the external environment and the internal environment of the organization. Training on this program will allow you to create a systematic vision of the organization and the context in which it exists, which will become the basis for effective activity, self-development and career growth.

Registration Terms

In order to start training under the program "Effective Manager", you must have an education not lower than secondary special / higher, age at least 18 years. The training format assumes that during study, the student will rely on his management experience. Nevertheless, conducting management activities (including working as a manager) in parallel with training is not necessary.

End of recruitment

A month before the start of classes.

Start of training: 1st day of every month. The deadline for accepting documents 2 weeks before the start of training.

Graduation Documents

  • Diploma of professional retraining of MIM LINK.
  • A document of the Open University of Great Britain, confirming the compliance of training with the quality standards of the School of Business of the OS and providing the opportunity to continue training on the programs of the School of Business of the OS for obtaining a professional diploma in management and an MBA from Open University of Great Britain.

Additional features

Upon successful mastery of the next level course “Management in Action”, obtaining a professional diploma in management from the Open University of Great Britain.

Cost of education

184 000 rub.

Last updated Mar 2020

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