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Program Description

About the Program

Located in Davenport, Iowa, INTERLINK at St. Ambrose University offers intensive English instruction, academic preparation, and cross-cultural orientation for students, scholars, and professionals on a year-round basis. The program prepares students for challenging careers, and provides the tools and skills needed to achieve success in the 21st century. INTERLINK’s curriculum is rigorous. Its six levels, offered in 9-week sessions, involve in- and out-of class assignments in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and projects which require active student participation. Students enjoy full access to university facilities, including opportunities to meet students and professors, audit or take classes for credit. Program field trips enable students to learn firsthand about the state and local community. Of particular benefit to students is the representation of many cultures in the program. In a diverse environment, students learn more about the world, and in the process, about themselves. Academically qualified students enjoy the convenience of receiving conditional admission prior to starting their language program at INTERLINK. At INTERLINK, we strive to assure a memorable and transformative educational experience for international students. If you are looking for an English as a Second Language program, especially if you plan to study at an American university, we hope you will consider attending INTERLINK at St. Ambrose University. INTERLINK Language Center at St. Ambrose University (SAU) provides international students with ESL (English as a Second Language) training, cultural orientation and academic preparation as well as help with university placement and conditional admission to assure a successful and memorable educational experience in the United States. INTERLINKDAVENPORT

How to Apply

To apply, you need all of the following:

  • A completed application form
  • An official copy of your high school or university grades
  • An official financial support statement from your bank, sponsor or guardian, certifying that you have at least US $6,000 available for your first term at INTERLINK.
  • $100.00 non-refundable application fee
  • A copy of your passport (identity page)

Before applying to INTERLINK, carefully read the Admission Policy Statement.

1. Fill out the application If you wish to submit your application on the Internet, click here for the On-Line Application. If you prefer, you can download and print the student application here (PDF version or Word version), fill it out with a pen, and send it by fax of post. On the application form, write your name exactly as it appears on your passport. If possible, send or fax a copy of your passport. Apply as early as possible to assure visa is obtained on time.

2. Payment Options Payments can be made using a credit card at or by submitting a credit card authorization form.

Your application will not be processed until the application fee and (non-refundable) express mail fee, if applicable, are received.

3. What happens next? After we receive all your application materials, we will inform you if you have been accepted into the program. Accepted applicants will receive documents and detailed instructions about obtaining a student visa. If you have questions or need assistance during the application process, contact us. For additional information for international students planning to study in the United States, visit the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement website and click on Department of State visas for information about student visas (F-1).

4. Conditional Admission It is possible to apply for an undergraduate or graduate degree program at SAU at the same time that you apply to INTERLINK. Find more information at


Spring II, 2017March 20 - May 19Cost & Fees

  • Application Fee (one time only) $100
  • Full-time Tuition $3,000
  • Health Insurance $393
  • Room (University) $1,764*
  • Board (University) $1,134*
  • Campus Activities Fee (Optional) $150

*Daily Rates: Room = $28/day, Board = $18/day

Term Date
Summer, 2017 May 30 - July 28
Fall I, 2017 August 7 - October 6
Fall II, 2017 October 16 - December 15
Last updated Sep 2018

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The American Consortium of Universities (ACU) facilitates international student admission to graduate and undergraduate programs at its member institutions, which offer a wide range of excellent academic programs and services. Assistance to students in achieving fluency in English and adjusting to the new academic and cultural environment is provided by the INTERLINK centers on each campus. Read less
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