ESL - Basic


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ESL- Basic


  • Monday – Friday (Except Holidays)
  • 9am-1pm
  • 20 Hours/Week
  • 1-12 month program

An amazing course for a student with poor English, that will receive a lot of support from your professional instructors, and you will be 100% guided through the entire process.

Choose our school for quality! We hope to see you in 2013!

Grammar and Writing

In the basic levels, Grammar classes focus on fundamental grammatical structures, with an emphasis on the use of grammar structures in everyday activities.

In the intermediate levels, basic grammar skills are reinforced while students learn more complex grammar structures through various activities and extensive practice.

In the advanced levels, the emphasis is on the accurate use of grammar in both written and oral communication. Techniques for writing coherent essays and creative papers are also taught.

Listening and Speaking

In the basic levels, Listening and Speaking skills are introduced through the use of dialogues, pictures, or pantomime. Students learn basic phrases in order to deal with common situations and topics in an English-speaking environment.

In the intermediate levels, communication beyond everyday English is emphasized as students move on to more complex language skills. Class materials focus on current events and topics to practice newly learned language functions.

In the advanced levels, the focus is on both informal and formal presentation skills related to public speaking and everyday communication in the English-speaking world. Students will be fine-tuning their oral communication skills to enhance both the accuracy and fluency of their English language abilities.

Reading and Vocabulary

In the basic levels, Reading and Vocabulary classes focus on survival skills, covering a variety of everyday words, activities and functions. These are presented through interesting visuals and class activities. Reading strategies focus on basic comprehension of details.

The intermediate section reinforces basic reading skills while presenting new, more challenging skills. Class activities are designed to encourage the practical use of newly acquired vocabulary in real-life situations.

In the advanced levels, the emphasis in reading and vocabulary class is put on developing analytical and critical thinking skills. Materials include authentic and academic reading material. Advanced vocabulary and reading skills (as recommended by the guidelines of numerous colleges) are taught.

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About the School

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Hamilton College - Beverly Hills International School Hamilton College, a Beverly Hills International School is the most admirable international school that caters to students worldwide. The school is designed to transform students who speak little or no English, to speaking the language fluently, properly, efficiently & thoroughly. The goal of all instructors & staff is to educate grammar, vocabulary, writing, speaking, listening, etc. This is an Elite English school with amazing faculty, located in the beautiful and prestigious Beverly Hills, CA. For those who have never been to Beverly Hills, experience living and studying at its best at one of the safest and luxurious cities of Los Angeles! Next to UCLA, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Westwood, etc. The entire school staff shares a parallel philosophy. It is to first and foremost provide all students at all levels, the highest level of education, create a fun and caring atmosphere for all students, and most importantly create memories that will last a lifetime. Students are challenged to make creative decisions, learn the language fast but efficiently, in order to be able to apply the English language in real life. Students enjoy many tours/field trips all over the USA while their stay. Learn about our Yoga, Pilates, Scuba Diving, Universal Studios, Disneyland tours, and much more. Our school offers 2 levels of English: ESL – Basic ESL – Advanced Each program is designed to enhance your English Language, throughout a carefully prepared curriculum. Most students attend HC Beverly Hills International School for a year, to receive an ultimate American Experience. Students have a lot of fun in our after-school programs. We have a broad variety of field trips, tours, and events, all of which provides a good reason for student networking, meet new friends, and to practice your English. We provide safe and comfortable housing options to our students, which accommodate all students to the fullest extent. Learn English while experiencing the American culture, in Beautiful Beverly Hills, CA. Read less