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Program Description

Learn the art enogastronomy, turn their passion into a profession, engage in the world of cooking acquiring all the in-depth expertise, through a series of articulated and qualified studies, divided into theory and practice lessons: the kitchen Professional Course coquis teaches the fundamental skills likely to pursue a professional chef from the ground up, and then start working career in the restaurant industry.


Cookery Course Professional Night is for those who have no work experience and has the desire to learn the basics of the kitchen to immediately enter into a professional context, with a level of qualification recognized by the industry.

Access to the course is allowed to a maximum number of 16 participants, to ensure the full involvement in the operation of all the students, divided into single workstations, fully equipped with the latest technology.

Duration and Frequency

The duration of the course Professional Kitchen Night is 26.5 weeks (320 hours), three times a week Frequency: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 18.30 to 22.30.

practical lessons

Equipment and technology in the kitchen: The new technology in the kitchen: ovens and blast-art Paco Jet, vacuum, Roner, Hot mix, small implements for cooking Ingredient:

  • seasonality
  • km 0
  • biodiversity
  • The world's bio
  • The Italian legislation

food processing:

  • The cuts and the choice of the meat for the various uses, the boning techniques
  • The species and the quality of fish products and the processing techniques
  • The fruit and vegetable cuts

cooking techniques: Fried, roasted, braised, steamed, vacuum, low-temperature Preparation for the main categories:

  • Cooking funds, restricted and sauces
  • pasta: fresh, dried, egg and wholemeal
  • rice
  • cereals
  • legumes
  • fish: white, blue, soup, shellfish, crustaceans and shellfish
  • meat: white, red, poultry, game, offal
  • eggs
  • vegetables


  • leavening
  • Bread for catering


  • The basics of pastry
  • desserts and pastries for the restaurant

The different procedures for conservation of raw foods and cooked HACCP: Application of the rules of hygiene in the kitchen Organization of Work: The workplace in the kitchen, preparing (mise en place), the service The students' restaurant: Managing a true to the restaurant service


The kitchen environment:

  • History of Italian cuisine
  • the different departments of the kitchen
  • organizational chart of the kitchen brigade


  • Seasonings and salts
  • spices: origins and application
  • extra virgin olive oil: production, varieties, use and combination
  • fat: animal and plant
  • pork products: salami, sausages and cured
  • milk and cheese
  • thickeners: gelling agents and emulsifiers

Composition of the recipes: From the preparation weights • the cost of the dish (food cost) | preparation of a full menu Kitchen Healthy and Nutrition:

  • Basic principles of nutrition
  • intolerances and diseases related to nutrition
  • healthy eating these days, cooking and choice of raw materials

HACCP food safety | 12 hour course with certification for the HACCP system and foodborne diseases Reg. 852/04 and Reg. 178/02 Pursuant to Delib. Reg. 825 of 28/11/2009 The world of work:

  • Write your Curriculum Vitae
  • work interview
  • contacts with companies
  • insertion into employment

educational visits

educational visits to various companies in the sector

Final exam

  • Thesis on a topic of your choice taken from the course program - written examination - Practical examination - Implementation of a comprehensive menu The examination board consists of a starred chef, the manager of the University of Italian cuisine coquis and manager of Chef course.


The theoretical and practical activities will take place at our headquarters in Via Flaminia 575, 00191 Rome.

The seat coquis is equipped with modern conference rooms, cutting-edge technology and innovation, the University's flagship. The classrooms are designed like the kitchen of a restaurant, with large desk-work and complete with hot and cold lines.

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Coquis è l’Ateneo Italiano della Cucina, offre Corsi Professionali di Cucina, Pasticceria, Pizza, Sala e Management per formare i migliori Professionisti del settore. Un percorso di qualità che garant ... Read More

Coquis è l’Ateneo Italiano della Cucina, offre Corsi Professionali di Cucina, Pasticceria, Pizza, Sala e Management per formare i migliori Professionisti del settore. Un percorso di qualità che garantisce l’accesso al mondo del lavoro... Read less