DTP course of photobooks


Program Description

In a time when the life of any print publication appear to be threatened by the emergence of digital media and its dissemination on the Internet, the printed book to present the photographic work of authorship strong comeback thanks to the possibilities of desktop publishing . Paradoxically, in the Internet age, a good photographic project may see the light as a physical book, at an affordable cost and with high quality.

This course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and resources, both theoretical and technical, to function successfully in the field of desktop publishing picture books. Besides trying basics of visual storytelling and editing, the workshop introduces students to the design and layout of books with Adobe InDesign application as well as in the professional print environment, tools and production processes.

Each participant will be guided in the process of adapting to your personal photo project book format, with the final objective of this follow-up course culminates with the impression of a model by a professional printer.

Last updated January 2015

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