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Documentary - Year program

Prague Film School

The documentary film production program at Prague Film School aims at developing students' story-telling abilities through both intensive practical work and theory and analysis. Narrative techniques are honed through dramaturgy, directing and documentary script development curricula, drawing upon a rich pool of international and historical documentaries crossing themes and genres. Aesthetic, technical and craft skills are inculcated through practical courses covering lighting, cinematography, editing and sound.

In the first semester Documentary Production course, students complete numerous shooting assignments designed to develop fluency in film grammar, camera technique, and editing ideology and practice. Lectures, demonstrations, screenings, and analytical exercises provide the foundation for the fieldwork.

Topics covered include

  • Documentary camera and coverage techniques
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Research
  • Preproduction
  • Documentary themes and genres
  • Documentary story structure and analysis
  • Standard production practices and organization
  • Documentary Ethics
  • Authorship/Voice in Documentary

Exercises are shot both in and out of class on almost a weekly basis. Each student will also produce and direct a 7-minute documentary short film on a subject of his/her own choosing.

Specialized courses in Editing and Cinematography are the other key components of the program. Students learn to edit on Avid Xpress HD, and learn shooting and lighting theory across a range of formats, including Canon 5D, Sony HD and RED.

Supplementing the practical component of the course, the documentary program will draw upon a rich pool of international and historical documentaries crossing themes and genres providing the student with a varied palette of documentary styles, techniques and approaches they can apply to their own work.


In Advanced Documentary Production, we focus on in-depth development and pre-production of the diploma film while also orienting students to the "real world" of professional documentary filmmaking.

Students complete weekly assignments for instructor and peer review, and learn to write a compelling Proposal & Treatment. Each student produces and directs his/her diploma film -- a 15-minute documentary -- and crews on classmates’ projects. Through extensive brainstorming and pitching sessions, students also leave the course armed with a portfolio of critiqued project ideas to further develop and make a reality after completion of the program.

This course is complemented by the Documentary Workshop, a practical course in which students further develop their technical skills through weekly shooting and editing exercises. Topics covered may include:

  • Advanced Interview Techniques
  • Documentary Reenactments
  • Using Archival Material
  • Mid Term Portrait
  • Shooting with Multiple Cameras
  • Green Screen

Special seminars in the field of documentary film business are also offered. International guest speakers are invited to Prague to lecture on:

  • Legal Matters
  • Budgeting
  • Funding - Crowd Funding, Co-Production and Other
  • Film Festivals
  • Sales and Distribution

The most important component of the second semester and indeed the entire year documentary course is the diploma film - which should be of broadcast quality.


for Spring 2015 programs:

December 8, 2014

for Year and Fall Semester programs:

  • Early-Action Application Deadline: December 8, 2014
  • Final Application Deadline: February 23, 2015


  • Tuition Fee: 14.900 Euro
  • Equipment Fee: 900 Euro [does not apply for acting for film program]
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Czech Republic - Prague
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