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Diplomas are given to those who complete a program of study at a technical school or community college. A specialized topic must be studied in order to earn a diploma. Most students go onto better jobs and higher education once they earn their diploma.

Quality management is a field of study that investigates and assesses organizations and products to ensure a desired level of perfection. Programs are offered around the world, and students can pursue various career paths in these different locations.

This city is the largest city of Mexico as per the measurement of the area. The city has an extraordinary literacy rate that shows its educational environment, the first institute of technology outside Mexico named as “ITCH (Institute of Chihuahua Technology)” is located here.

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Tecnológico de Monterrey (Educación Continua Presencial)

The objective of this program is to develop and certify high-level skills in tools and methodologies related to quality and productivity systems. Execute your training as ... [+]


Develops and certifies high-level competencies in tools and methodologies related to quality and productivity systems. Execute your training as a specialist in the implementation of lean principles throughout the value chain. It helps manufacturing and service companies increase their profitability.

Benefits of the programYou will apply slender thinking in manufacturing, functional areas and the entire value chain.• You will develop a comprehensive vision of essential concepts and practices of operational excellence.You will learn and apply concepts and techniques to ensure efficient operation.You will know what is really important for your clients and their values.Addressed to... [-]
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