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A diploma refers to a document awarded to students who successfully complete preset coursework related to a particular topic, field or industry. Diplomas are often awarded by academic institutions after a degree program is completed.

Photography programs usually include a variety of subjects, including composition, aesthetic theory, lighting, development, processing, and even ethics. Students may work with digital or film cameras to produce a variety of images.

South America is the fourth largest continent. It is divided politically into 12 independent countries. South America is home to the majestic Andes mountain range and the mysterious Amazon River. The world's largest rain forest, with millions of species of exotic animals, is also found in South America.

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Photographic And Digital Imaging

LCI Bogotá
Campus Full time 2 years May 2018 Colombia Bogotá

Due to the increasing use of audiovisual media have transformed the profession photographer. It has become necessary computer management, specialized programs and new technological equipment that not only capture the image, but perform retouching, processing and printing digital images. [+]

91038 SNIES BOGOTAMin LCI. Education SNIES 102272 LCI BARRANQUILLA Min. Education

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Being behind the camera waiting for the right time and portray the situation you want to freeze in time is exciting!

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Taking photo that will cover hundreds of magazines, explore the world through the newsgathering, fashion photography, sports, nature or portrait. Is what you've always wanted to do.

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ADVANTAGES OF STUDYING WITH US Initiate the student in the use of different photographic equipment, both analog and digital - Raising the student's composition, creation and image capture with all its aesthetic and technical components - Mastering the use of a photo lab - Mastering handling photo imaging computer - Start the student in different areas such as portrait photography, artistic, commercial, fashion, products, newsgathering and Publishing OUR GRADUATES PROFILE ... [-]