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There are a number of employment opportunities that require some level of higher education, and that education often results in a diploma. These convey to employers that a person has the skills necessary to complete certain tasks. The length of a program depends on the level of education necessary.

What is a diploma in electrical installation? Over the last century, electrical technology has flourished worldwide, and the skills needed to install many components are the focus of this education. Often, programs result in a diploma and necessary certification in the country where the school is located. Courses may include fundamental principles, fault diagnosis, electrical system design, inspection, electrical science and fault rectification. Students will often also learn about environmental technologies and installing, testing and commissioning electrical systems.

Because these programs develop specific electrical skills and certification is often procured with the course of study, graduates are able to negotiate better benefits packages and wages. Employment opportunities are also often vast, from home building to private systems installation.

Where a student wants to study, how long a chosen program is and the availability of financial aid all affect how much a diploma in electrical installation will cost. Students will be able to receive current scholarship and tuition information directly from their chosen school.

A diploma in electrical installation typically provides students with specific skills necessary for working in the broad field of electronics, making them key in a number of development areas. Electrician is the most common job title for these graduates, as they are able to install and repair public projects such as intercom and security systems and streetlights. Industrial and residential developers often call on these workers to lay electrical foundation and install large appliances. Depending on the program, students can become journeymen or either marine or master electricians.

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Vancouver Career College

Qualified electricians are highly sought after and well-paid tradespeople. The Construction Electrician Foundations program at Vancouver Career College prepares you for a ... [+]

Qualified electricians are highly sought after and well-paid tradespeople. The Construction Electrician Foundations program at Vancouver Career College prepares you for an electrical apprentice position.

The program combines training in classrooms, labs and shops. Students learn the protocols and basic principles of electrical work, including installation and maintenance of electrical power, lighting, heating and alarms. The curriculum also covers the fundamentals of electrical work, including math and physics, hand and power tool use, electromagnetism, equipment testing, electrical code, and interpreting sketches and drawings. Safety is also a major component of this program and students examine Workers’ Compensation Board and Safe Work Practices. After a practicum, graduates are qualified to enter the electrical field in an entry-level position. Vancouver Career College is recognized as a Designated Training Provider by the Industry Training Authority (ITA).... [-]

Canada Burnaby Surrey
September 2019
27 weeks