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Diplomas are a certification in a particular field of study that indicate to the professional world that the bearer has a certain degree of expertise. They can be obtained from many institutes of higher learning, including technical schools, community colleges, and most universities. Generally, a student will spend one to two years in coursework to earn a diploma.

What is a diploma in biotechnology? The science often incorporates the ideas and mechanics of bioengineering. Biotech is not a new idea; the hybridization of plants and animals in order to foster certain traits has been used in agriculture for thousands of years. Only in the last thirty years has it diverged into the realm of science and gene manipulation.

A diploma in the field of biotechnology grants one the certification necessary to take on employment in that field in an effective fashion. Career opportunities in biotech will continue to boom through the coming decades as more and more scientific advances are made.

Cost will vary from school to school and country to country, and will depend upon not just the facility but oftentimes the time requirements of the coursework as well. Students should take care to fully research the diplomas offered and the associated cost structures.

Careers in biotechnology have evolved and changed drastically over the last thirty years, and will no doubt continue to do so. Jobs in almost any field, from medicine to agriculture to manufacturing, can be found. Students can expect to spend quite a lot of time in a lab and the field in almost any variation of biotech. Research and development and regulatory positions have boomed and will continue to do so, especially as government restrictions move and grow with the changing operations.

Prospective students should devote some time to seeking out the specific diploma program they desire, in a school that will suit their needs. Online degrees are generally available for those who require a flexible schedule or for whom distance is a factor. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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University of Johannesburg

The central purpose of the National Diploma in Biotechnology is to develop graduates who can demonstrate focused knowledge and skills in Biotechnology. ... [+]


The central purpose of the National Diploma in Biotechnology is to develop graduates who can demonstrate focused knowledge and skills in Biotechnology. The programme therefore focuses centrally on equipping students with an in-depth and specialised knowledge of the general principles and practical skills applicable to the Biotechnology industry. As part of the diploma study, and in collaboration with the relevant workplace institutions/bodies/organisations, students are also exposed to the relevant world of work in order to gain experience in applying the acquired knowledge and practical skills in the workplace context. The tuition and workplace experience enable successful students to access a number of career and employment opportunities relating to analytical their specialization.... [-]

South Africa Johannesburg
February 2020
3 - 4 years
Nilai University

Equip yourself with a good understanding of Biotechnology and realize your role as a contributor in the science field when you enroll in Nilai University’s Diploma in Bio ... [+]

Obtain vast knowledge and expertise in Biotechnology when you join Nilai’s School of Applied Sciences. There are tonnes of interesting theoretical knowledge and immersive practical skills waiting for you. Discover various career pathways as you go through the subjects and industrial training and find out which career suits you best. Upon graduating from the School of Applied Sciences, you get to choose to work in either one of the 4 major industrial areas including health care, agriculture, food, and the environment. Up-to-date facilities are specially catered to students of Biotechnology so you can receive a full experience in the field before you move on to internship and the working world.... [-]

Malaysia Bandar Baru Nilai
October 2019
30 months