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A love of fashion and a creative flair is usually what leads students to complete an accessories design program. This program option is tailored towards students who want to design those pieces that complete and complement an outfit, such as shoes, purses and belts.

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Other options within this field of study:
LaSalle College Vancouver

Are you fascinated by the construction and composition of jewellery? Do you enjoy working with your hands and have an artistic edge? If so, our Jewellery Design Program w ... [+]

Carve Your Own Path

With the LaSalle College Vancouver jewellery design program, students can turn a passion into a creatively rewarding career. In only one year, and with no experience necessary, students learn to produce an original collection of jewellery. Experienced and passionate teachers guide students through the jewellery design process, from concept to fabrication, including the promotion of their own jewellery business. Students roll up their sleeves and practice the basics of shaping, forming, soldering and finishing metal to bring their vision of wearable art to life.

Objectives Develop the ability to transform jewelry concepts into jewelry pieces; Translate jewelry concepts into sketches and illustrations using freehand drawing techniques; Develop skills to design and construct fashion jewelry creations; Learn about the various materials available to create jewelry pieces; Learn the history of jewelry design and how culture influences fashion jewelry trends; Produce a collection of jewelry; Acquire skills to produce, manage, market, promote and present jewelry designs. Overview ... [-]
Canada Vancouver
January 2020
1 year