Diploma of Creative Enterprise


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Program Description

It’s the perfect place to develop your creative, technical and entrepreneurial talents, and will prepare you for an eclectic range of creative careers, no matter which pathway you choose. Our students learn via traditional and contemporary teaching models. The course will develop a tangible understanding of how creative careers fit within society and the important role they play in communicating to a wide audience.

The Diploma of Creative Enterprise addresses a growing need for businesses and business people to tackle problem-solving in a creative manner, utilising a collaborative approach to workplace culture and a more humanistic style.

If you are a young entrepreneur, a business-minded individual, someone who wishes to embrace creative industries, or simply acquire new knowledge to enhance your current career, this course is for you.

The Diploma of Creative Enterprise promotes interactive collaboration and experience-based learning to prepare students for real-world scenarios and constantly changing workplaces.

Students will learn the skills vital to succeed in our ever-changing global economy of ideas. It offers an opportunity to examine the production and application of original and inspired knowledge, and be exposed to new ways of thinking. A diverse range of tools will help students navigate the rapid rate of change in technology and the societal influences that are shaping our world on a day-to-day basis.

Course Structure

This course will focus on face-to-face learning, hands-on activities, and practical outcomes. Each unit is facilitated by industry leaders and incorporates the most current learning methodologies.

The course is divided into 4 stages of 6 weeks each, with2 units per stage. Each unit has 4 contact hours per week and you are expected to complete an additional 6 hours of self-study per unit.


  • Collaborative Sales, Marketing and PR
  • Leading with Vision, Purpose and Values
  • Negotiating Pricing and Contracts
  • Managing the Budget and Business Information
  • Understanding Finance
  • Idea Generation and Innovation
  • Managing the Growth Process
  • Cultural Communication and Behaviour


  • Year 12 or equivalent
  • IELTS 6.5 or equivalent

Course Outcomes

After completing the Diploma of Creative Enterprise, you will understand how to identify opportunities in the market, develop creative ideation skills and execute problem-solving methods effectively. You will have developed an understanding of creativity from a humanistic, artistic, scientific and business point of view and be able to define it as a practical process. You will be able to identify opportunities and threats, then innovate on traditional business practices and disrupt markets.

The course encourages participants to shift their mindsets towards more flexible thinking, demonstrating how to blend professionalism with spontaneity in order to achieve optimum results without compromising on creativity.

Participants will learn strong management skills as well as resourceful and inventive thinking.

The course has been designed around the fact that in the present day and age, students often have years of practical and life experience behind them. As such, utilising existing skills and knowledge bases has been an important factor in the course’s development, allowing for students to channel their current expertise into new ways of learning.

Developing flexibility is a proficiency we consider fundamental in this new world of business fused with innovation. Our graduates, over a nine-month period, will be leaders in the future-orientated areas of workplace development; merging commerce, creativity and culture.

Last updated April 2018

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Since 2014, Acknowledge Creativity has evolved to serve the increase in requests for design-thinking and innovation tools from business students. It was at this time we were also noticing many creativ ... Read More

Since 2014, Acknowledge Creativity has evolved to serve the increase in requests for design-thinking and innovation tools from business students. It was at this time we were also noticing many creatives (artists, designers and writers) looking for commercial skills such as leadership, pitching, and pricing. Read less
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