Diploma of Advanced Studies in Management


Program Description

Diploma of Advanced Studies in Management

(Option: Management of microfinance institutions, Entrepreneurship and Management of SMEs, Financial Management and Marketing Management)

The Université Catholique de Bukavu informs the public of Bukavu and its surroundings that enrollments in the DEA (Diploma of Advanced Studies) program in Management sciences organized by the Faculty of Economics and Management have started and will continue until January 30, 2018.

The DEA in Management Sciences offers the following streams:

  • Management of Micro-finance institutions;
  • Financial management ;
  • Entrepreneurship & Small and Medium and Businesses,
  • marketing

The two DEA programs (in management sciences and economics) aim to prepare holders of a second cycle diploma in economics and / or management for scientific research in management or economics.

The completion of a DEA / Master being a test prior to the completion of a doctorate in economic sciences as in management, this program of the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management aims to introduce the student to a scientific approach rigorous by training him in the tools of research and by familiarizing him with recent scientific developments in the field in which the candidates for the program will have chosen to specialize.

Students enrolled in this program will be encouraged to choose research subjects whose objective is to advance knowledge on economic and / or management issues specific to the African socioeconomic environment. As learning to research requires both a personal and supervised approach, the programs will insist on "reading workshops" and will attach capital importance to the completion of a research dissertation under the supervision of a tutor in the aim of developing the practice of personal research for learners.

These scientific methods also aim to promote scientific animation of the work environment and the practice of scientific communication, both oral and written, by regularly presenting summaries of scientific work to professors, researchers, doctoral students and DEA students. and of the state of progress of the personal reflections and research of DEA students


Will be admitted, holders of the diploma of bachelor in management sciences, bachelor in business management, bachelor in economic sciences, bachelor in management IT, bachelor in development management, and similar fields (the jury constituted ad hoc will examine each application file).

The candidate must also have obtained the distinction "Distinction" at least during one year of graduate studies as well as a mark equal to or greater than 14/20 for the thesis. For applicants who do not meet these criteria but who are already working full time in a higher education institution, the admissions committee could always examine their cases; but a recommendation from at least two teachers who know them must be produced.

Holders of a university degree obtained after at least 4 years of higher education in a field other than economics or management and who can demonstrate experience in the field of economics or management must introduce a reasoned dossier which will be assessed by the admissions committee. In the case of acceptance of the file, certain additional prerequisites may be imposed on them.

When these prerequisites - selected mainly in the field of 1st and 2nd cycle of Economic Sciences and Management of the Université Catholique de Bukavu - reach 30 credits or more, the candidate will be offered to first validate a special license in Economic and / or Management Sciences (under the conditions of UCB students). This license will then constitute the condition giving access to the DEA

To decide on admission, the jury takes into consideration the DEA work plan, the curriculum vitae, in particular the studies completed previously and the mark obtained for the thesis, the candidate's publications and, possibly, the professional experience acquired. The admission period corresponds to that of the Université Catholique de Bukavu .


The program lasts 18 months (two academic years) of study. The test cannot be split for more than 21 months. The lessons can be given in French or in English, or combined. The teacher chooses the language in which he speaks best. Thus, any candidate admitted to the DEA will be subject to training in English for 2 months before being able to start the rest of their training (the Université Catholique de Bukavu organizes this training on conditions defying competition: with the possibility of taking the TOEFFL) .

The application must contain the following elements:

  1. Letter of registration request addressed to the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs;
  2. Copies of diplomas and transcripts certified true to the original;
  3. Detailed updated CV;
  4. A passport photo;
  5. Birth certificate (recent less than three months);
  6. Certificate of physical fitness (recent three months);
  7. Certificate of good conduct, life, customs and good citizenship (recent less than three months);
  8. Recommendation of two teachers;
  9. Employer recommendation for worker applications;
  10. Have succeeded at least with 65% in the second year of the license and an average of 60% over the entire university course.

The application files will be deposited either in paper format at the office of academic services located in Bugabo, avenue de la mission, number 2; either in electronic format at vraucb@ucbukavu.ac.cd

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