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Program Description

Program Overview


    • The Diploma in Sound Production is the best sound engineering course available in Malaysia, developed in consultation with the professional audio industry, and taught by industry experts to meet the demand for highly skilled sound engineers. Through this 2-year program, you will develop skills to record, mix and master music and audio using the best audio production equipment and software. You will learn to apply technical skills and creativity to design sound for film, TV and video games using Pro Tools, an industry standard Digital Audio Workstation. You will also learn to work with a team to engineer live sound for concerts and events using a professional PA system. You will attend seminars by industry professionals and participate in field visits to professional studios, live sound companies, broadcast stations, etc., to help you establish and expand your industry network. In your final year of study, you will engage in an internship to gain real world work experience in any one area of your choice in sound production. As part of the graduation requirements, you will develop a portfolio of creative sound production works, which may serve as your professional portfolio to present to future employers. Besides studying subjects related to sound production, you will also learn to read and write music notation, develop English language skills, and study a range of liberal arts subjects. These subjects will equip you with highly desired skills for employment, to communicate effectively with others, work in teams and solve problems as you step into your professional career. International students will take a basic Malay Language Communications course as part of your graduation requirement. If you have prior knowledge in any of the subjects you must inform our admissions counselors at the point of your application to the program to explore test-outs to gain credit transfer. A minimum grade score of B (83%) makes you eligible for credit waiver. In replacement of the exempted credits, you will be placed in elective courses to meet the graduation credits. Please contact the Office of Admissions for more information.


Why Choose This Program

    • The Diploma in Sound Production provides you the following benefits:
      • Guaranteed job placement in leading audio production companies for qualifying graduates
      • Hands-on experience at the College’s RM40 million state of the art audio production facilities
      • Opportunity to learn from some of the best audio production faculty in Malaysia
      • Direct engagement and networking with audio industry professionals in seminars, master classes and field visits
      • Opportunity to intern at the best audio production companies of your choice
      • Affordable tuition fees

Entry Requirements

      • *Pass in SPM/SPMV or its equivalent with three (3) credits including Bahasa Malaysia; OR
      • Pass in STPM or its equivalent with a minimum grade C (NGMP 2.0) in any subject; OR
      • Pass community college certificate equivalent with level 3 MQF and pass SPM with minimum one (1) credit; OR
      • Pass SKM level 3 in related field and pass SPM with minimum one (1) credit; OR
      • A certificate with minimum (PNGK) 2.00 or its equivalent in a related field;
      • Recognition of prior learning;
      • For International Students who did not sit for English as a compulsory subject you must have obtained a TOEFL score of 550 or IELTS score of 6.0; and
      • Pass the admissions interview

*Malaysian students who do not have an SPM credit in Bahasa Malaysia will be automatically enrolled in LN014-Bahasa Kebangsaan A (3 credits) at extra cost.Blankmusic102

Year 1

      • AP1114 – Digital Audio Workstation Techniques
      • AP1123 – Public Address Systems
      • FP1133 – Basic Music Theory
      • GE1143 – Preparatory English for College
      • HM1152 – Survey Of Popular Music
      • TL1161 – Ear Training Lab: Technical
      • AP1213 – Sound System Architecture
      • AP1224 – Recording Studio Practice
      • AP1234 – Audio Signal Processing
      • GE1243 – Musical Acoustics
      • MB1254 – Business Communication
      • TL1261 – Ear Training Lab: Production
      • AP1312 – Careers in Sound Production
      • AP1324 – Digital Sound Editing
      • AP1333 – History and Future of Sound Production

Year 2


      • AP2114 – Recording Techniques
      • AP2124 – Sound Design for Visuals
      • AP2134 – Live Sound Production
      • GE2143 – Academic Writing in English
      • LN2152 – Malaysian Studies 2
      • LN2162 – Malay Language Communications 1
      • MT2173 – Computer Applications
      • AP2214 – Multi Track Mixing
      • AP2225 – Internship
      • AP2236 – Graduation Portfolio
      • LN2242 – Morals and Ethics in Society
      • AP2313 – Digital Mastering Principles
      • LN2322 – Community Music Service
      • MB2334 – Principles of Management

Teaching Methods

  • You will learn through lectures, in-class activities, labs, seminars, and tutorials, with practical hands-on applications. Engagement in field visits will open opportunities to collaborate with professional sound engineers, musicians, and producers.
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About the School

The College’s vision is to be THE music educational hub in Asia for music and entertainment industries. The College’s primary mission is to discover and develop music talents.

The College’s vision is to be THE music educational hub in Asia for music and entertainment industries. The College’s primary mission is to discover and develop music talents. Read less