Train yourself to face the communication and persuasion challenges of today's demanding and competitive marketplace; develops skills to negotiate, analyze problems and solve them.

Benefits of the program

  • You will learn all the elements to achieve a successful sale: technical, communication, information management, negotiation, prospecting, objection and closure.
  • You will handle the concepts related to the way to surprise and awaken the emotions of the prospect or client.
  • You will carry out a deep reflection about what the strength of a personal brand means and the benefits it brings to the seller.
  • You will analyze the sales approach and its relationship with the other areas of a company. Additionally, you will learn how a vendor can interrelate with each of the areas to achieve the desired success.

Addressed to

Professionals whose work is predominantly in the executive sales field and / or who are being trained to cover sales management positions, telemarketing executives with possibilities to perform as salespeople in the field and marketing executives who need, due to the characteristics of his professional activity, entering the area of ​​sales.

Content of the program

The Diploma in Skills Development for Managers and Sales Executives consists of six modules, totaling 96 hours of study.

Module 1. Sales Techniques and Practices (16 hours)

  • Knowledge of the market
  • Knowledge of our customers
  • Analysis of service-oriented companies
  • Benefits of the sale and transcendence of the seller
  • Fears faced by the professional seller
  • Blockers of sale
  • Values, qualities of the professional seller
  • Conduct of the professional seller in front of the environment
  • Analysis of consumer behavior
  • Information management
  • Communication techniques
  • Prospecting techniques
  • Planning techniques
  • Techniques to handle the objection
  • Closing techniques
  • Sales conceptualization techniques
  • Group dynamics

Module 2. The "Personal Brand" of the Seller (16 hours)

  • Understanding customer expectations
  • The concept of personal branding in sales
  • The creation of a personal brand in the seller
  • The sale based on emotions
  • The after sale
  • Sizing a service of transcendence
  • Profitable sales
  • Long-term sales
  • Viral sales
  • Consulting sales
  • Sales under pressure
  • Sales with vision
  • Analysis of cases

Module 3. Communication in Sales and Assertive Management of the Message (16 hours)

  • Personal presentation techniques
  • Analysis of oral and corporal language
  • Reading techniques transmitting a message to the audience
  • Construction of visual supports to make a presentation
  • Contingencies in the presentation (improvisation)
  • job meeting
  • Preparation of the presentation using the mental map scheme
  • Summary reading techniques
  • Support techniques to transmit a message
  • Presentation of theme with visual supports
  • Techniques for preparing the presentation to motivate third parties
  • Structure of the presentation in synthesis

Module 4. Negotiation in Sales (16 hours)

  • The nature of the negotiation process, Interdependence and conflict
  • Variables that intervene in the negotiation of the sale
  • Fears faced by the professional negotiator in sales
  • Profile, qualities and attitudes of the professional negotiator in sales
  • Negotiation models and their application in sales
  • Risk, uncertainty and certainty, key factors of sales negotiation
  • Management of paradigms and adaptation to the change in sales
  • The planning of the negotiation process and its preparation in the sale
  • Strategies and tactics of sales negotiation
  • Ethics and negotiation; the values ​​of the company and the person

Module 5. Motivation, Achievement and Self-performance in Sales (16 hours)

  • Concept and meaning of motivation
  • Building the seller's vision
  • The scales of values; your personal design and implementation
  • The enterprising seller
  • Innovation, audacity and risk, in the seller
  • Management of adversity in sales
  • Stress management and its adverse effects
  • Commitments, responsibilities and construction of agreements
  • Achievement and being able as motivational elements
  • Ethics in sales

Module 6. Practical Considerations to the Seller's Life Plan (16 hours)

  • Life plan
  • Life goals and goals
  • The how and when in the seller's life plan
  • Career planning, with growth vision
  • Different social roles performed by the seller and their correlations and interdependencies
  • Work development
  • Labor qualities
  • Labor attributes
  • Leadership plan
  • Training plan
  • The family, work, social, academic environment of the seller
  • Comprehensive development plan for the person
  • Conclusions
  • Practical cases
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated October 30, 2018
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