Get the knowledge of how unpaid advertising is most effective to launch concepts and brands. Study a program of immediate application that has practical characteristics accompanied by real and simulated examples, as well as an updated media training to the Mexican reality and with the inclusion of recent events. Learn to sustain the public image of the company, as well as the reinforcement of internal communication.

Benefits of the program

  • You will strengthen your sense of brand building through word of mouth.
  • You will change your approach to achieve a deep understanding of the discipline that strengthens the image of a company: public relations.
  • You will better coordinate your knowledge of the use of social networks as a reputation promotion agent.
  • You will be able to advise in situations of communication crisis when participating in a real crisis war barracks.
  • You will have landed and easily measured tools to carry out public relations and crisis management campaigns for a company with plans to take care of the public image as a fundamental part of its marketing plan.

Addressed to

Marketing professionals, communicators and, in general, anyone who works or is involved in the promotion of a company's image, its communication programs and the prevention and solution of crisis situations.

Content of the program

The Diploma in Public Relations, Social Networks and Crisis Situations Management in War Room consists of six modules, totaling 96 hours of study.

Module 1. The Importance of a Strategic Communication Plan: The Framework of Public Relations (16 hours)

  • Nature and meaning of public relations
  • Historical background and evolution
  • Social trends in public relations and new social networks
  • Public relations as a communication system
  • Public relations as part of a comprehensive strategic vision.
  • The semantic network and communication 3.0

Module 2. Communication Strategies in Public Relations in Social Networks (16 hours)

  • Communication campaigns in the sectors of consumption, health and well-being
  • Communication campaigns in industrial sectors
  • Communication campaigns in government relations
  • Culture Wiki
  • Analysis of social networks and the use of the Internet as a communication vehicle

Module 3. Public Relations and Media (16 hours)

  • The media and public relations
  • How media works
  • Media strategy
  • Relationship with means
  • Use of social networks as a tactical tool
  • Media training

Module 4. Crisis War Room and Internal Communication in Crisis Situations (16 hours)

  • The organizational crises
  • Prevention plans, crisis committee and the manual for handling crisis situations
  • Simulation of crisis situations
  • The public image of the company and the image reconstruction program

Module 5. Public Opinion: Communication and Power (16 hours)

  • Public opinion
  • Persuasive communication: attitudes, values ​​and acts
  • Mass media and power
  • Propaganda
  • Public opinion in Mexico

Module 6. Campaign Simulation Seminar (16 hours)

  • Brief and counterbrief.
  • The presentation and the agency pitch: how to win the account from the presentation.
  • Campaign simulation.
  • Measurement of results and election of winners.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated October 29, 2018
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