Identify, redesign and innovate in the business processes of your organization, understanding the implications of an administration focused on processes.

Benefits of the program

  • You will identify management by processes as a strategic decision that can lead the organization to build a competitive advantage.
  • You will identify business processes.
  • You will structure the processes and elaborate the process map (high level map).
  • You will make diagrams, and you will understand and redesign processes.
  • You will innovate in the processes.
  • Define and establish the indicators and metrics of the processes.
  • You will recognize the elements of a learning organization (structure of organizational learning).
  • You will know the elements of change management.
  • You will learn the basic concepts of project management (execution mechanism).

Addressed to

Professionals in the area of ​​quality, directors and people directing companies that are interested in the topic of processes or process innovation.

Content of the program

The Diploma in Identification, Analysis and Development of New Businesses consists of seven modules, which total 96 hours of study in total.

Module 1. Creating the Competitive Advantage from the Redesign and Innovation of Processes (16 hours)

  • A general model of strategic planning: REATA.
  • Strategic formulation and strategic implementation.
  • The substitutes for strategic planning.
  • The strategy and the structure.
  • The organizational structure based on functions.
  • The organizational structure based on processes.
  • The SWOT analysis.
  • The strategic initiatives.
  • The strategic board.
  • The perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard and the strategic issues.
  • A transformation model towards process management.

Module 2. Identification, Definition and Structuring of the Processes of the Organization (16 hours)

  • The definition of business process.
  • The inseparable trio: process, value and client.
  • The functional organizations.
  • The organizations that manage processes.
  • Organizations focused on processes and their challenges.
  • Process management: why?
  • The support processes.
  • The processes in the public sector.
  • The process team.
  • The client's model
  • The identification of business processes.
  • The user's model
  • The identification of support processes.
  • The high level map.
  • The first level map.
  • Indicators and relevant metrics of the processes.

Module 3. Redesign of Processes from Brown Paper (16 hours)

  • The redesign team.
  • The Brown Paper.
  • The pain in the process and its root causes.
  • The elements of the improvement plans.
  • The vision of the process.
  • The zero plan.

Module 4. Change Management and Knowledge Dissemination (16 hours)

  • The dimensions of the change towards an organization focused on processes.
  • The reasons for the resistance to change.
  • Communication as a management tool.
  • Facilitators of change.
  • The geometry of high performance equipment.
  • The organizations that learn.
  • The coach as generator, sifter and diffuser of knowledge.
  • Technological tools for the dissemination of knowledge.

Module 5. Formulation and Management of Process Innovation Projects (16 hours)

  • Introduction: Project concept.
  • Project management: basic concepts.
  • Start of a project.
  • Definition of the scope of a project.
  • Planning a project: The Gantt Chart.
  • Control of the project.
  • The structure of initiative plan - project.
  • Computational tool for project management: MS Project.
  • Cost benefit analysis of the redesign.

Module 6. Innovation of Processes from the Blank Sheet (12 hours)

  • The blank sheet.
  • The vision of the processes.
  • The critical success factors.
  • The structuring of critical success factors in projects.

Module 7. Presentation of Projects (4 hours)

  • Presentation of projects by team.
  • Feedback to projects

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated October 29, 2018
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