Diploma in Hospitality Operations Management


Program Description

The Hospitality Operations Management Program, through a combination of theoretical courses, workshops, and industrial training in luxury hotels in Cyprus and abroad, is designed to help students to gain knowledge and skills to the extent that they can learn, adapt and develop in the hotel and catering industry.

Nevertheless, the program aims to develop the vital skills of communication, teamwork, leadership and problem-solving that will give students the ability to successfully implement the duties of the Hospitality Operations Manager.

In addition, one of the most important goals of this program is to provide students with a comprehensive examination of the work related to Hospitality Operations Management. Through the various courses of this program, students will examine in detail the duties and responsibilities of the Hospitality Operations Manager, the various areas of management, control, and other functions associated with the high challenges of the profession.

During their studies, students of the Hospitality Operations Management Program will be able to choose specialization courses and gain expertise in the hospitality fields of Food and Beverage Management and Rooms Division Management. They will be involved with the theory and practice of food and beverage services or rooms division services and all other aspects related to customer service.

Upon completion of their studies, graduates will then be able to plan, organize, guide, instruct, train, supervise and evaluate the success of the vital departments of the Food and Beverage or Rooms Division in a hotel, a restaurant, the food departments of hospitals and any other forms of foodservice business at any level, or the reception and housekeeping in a hotel or any other form of tourism business of any Service Level.

Furthermore, graduates of the Hospitality Operations Management program will have acquired the following skills: control over sales, production costs, and other operating expenses, and successfully fulfill their obligations to the budgets of the business, the service quality levels, and many other functions of the Food and Beverage or the Rooms Division departments.

* This program is registered and approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture but not accredited yet.


The continuous thriving of the hotel and catering industry is consistently one of the leading job creators in Cyprus and the majority of European countries. The program Hospitality Operations Management of Mesoyios College helps to prepare professionals to start their own business, start a franchise business or hold a supervisory/managerial role in a hotel, restaurant, bars, clubs, dining facilities, resort, or places, such as companies, nursing homes, colleges, and universities.

The hotel industry basically affects every industry, and the well trained and educated professionals in the field of Hospitality Operations Management, Food and Beverage Management, Front Office Management, and Rooms Division Management are in great demand today. This number is expected to increase dramatically over the next few years and soon after the global financial crisis that slowly began to show signs of recovery.

Program Pathway

Degree requirements

  • Hospitality Major Requirements
  • Business Major Requirements
  • English Language Requirements
  • Computer Requirements
  • Social Science & Liberal Arts Requirements
  • Math Requirements
  • Food & Beverage Specialization Electives
  • Rooms Division Specialization Electives
  • Business Electives
  • Foreign Languages Electives
  • Social Science & Liberal Arts Electives
  • Specialization Electives

Total ECTS to graduate: 123

Major Requirements - Hospitality

  • HOS120 – Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
  • HOS121  – Dimensions of Tourism
  • HOS122 – Food and Beverage Management
  • HOS123 – Hospitality Operations Management
  • HOS125 – Front Office Operations
  • HOS126 – Fundamentals of Housekeeping Operations
  • HOI120 – HOM-Internship I
  • HOS220 – Principles of Hospitality Marketing

Major Requirements - Business

  • ACC130 – Financial Accounting I
  • ACC231 – Financial Accounting II


English Language Requirements

  • ENG191 – College English A
  • ENG192 – College English B

Computer Requirements

  • COM143 – Business Computing
  • COM144 – Hospitality Information Systems

Social Science & Liberal Arts Requirements

  • PSY270 – Hospitality Human Resources Management

Math Requirements

  • MAT160 – College Algebra

Food & Beverage Specialization Electives

  • HOS223 – Restaurant Operations Management
  • HOS225 – Food and Beverage Planning, Control, and Purchasing
  • CUA215 – Menu Planning and Development
  • HOS222 – Wines and Spirits
  • HOS226 – Sanitation and Safety

Rooms Division Specialization Electives

  • HOS227 – Front Office Management
  • HOS228 – Housekeeping and Maintenance Management
  • HOS229 – Hotel Facility Management
  • BUS352 – Service Quality Management
  • HOS324 – Risk Management in the Hospitality Industry

Business Electives

  • ACC131 – Microeconomics
  • ACC230 – Macroeconomics
  • ACC232 – Managerial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry
  • BUS351 – E-Marketing for Hospitality Industry

Foreign Languages Electives

  • GRE290 – Greek for the Hospitality Industry – Level 1
  • GRE291 – Greek for the Hospitality Industry – Level 2
  • RUS290 – Russian for the Hospitality Industry – Level 1
  • RUS291 – Russian for the Hospitality Industry – Level 2
  • GER290 – German for the Hospitality Industry – Level 1
  • GER291 – German for the Hospitality Industry – Level 2

Social Science & Liberal Arts Electives

  • HIS280 – Introduction to Cyprus History
  • PSY271 – Introduction to Psychology
  • COM340 – Introduction to Multimedia

R = Required

Enrollment Criteria for Students

A non-discrimination student admissions policy is strongly followed by Mesoyios College. Candidates for admission at Mesoyios College, are considered without reference to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, or national origin. Thus, the diversity of the student community is a goal for Mesoyios College’s admissions office in order to bring a diverse range of academic backgrounds, experiences, special interests, talents, and cultural heritage.

Therefore, it is mandatory for all candidates to possess a Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate or equivalent qualification (in their country of origin).

Students may achieve admission to the College, possible at the beginning of any semester. The admission is granted, depending on students’ qualifications and future educational path selected. The College admission policy relies on students’ past records including high school grades.

The proficiency of the English language is required for all programs taught in English.  An English placement test is given to all incoming students. Its purpose is to determine the proficiency level of a student so as to recommend appropriate placement in English courses. Students with qualifications in the English language such as IELTS 5.5, IGCSE C, TOEFL 525 (196 computer-based) will be able to follow normal program requirements (as described in individual program pathways).

Last updated Oct 2020

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