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Program Description

Early Childhood Education (1030) 2 Years - 4 Semesters Ontario College Diploma Program Overview The Early Childhood Education Program is designed to prepare you for a position in the Early Childhood Education/Early Years field. You will have the knowledge and practical skills needed to plan and implement developmentally appropriate programs for children birth through 12 years of age. You will also be skilled in working with families and providing family educational programming. Our well-known and highly regarded program is one of the only in Ontario delivering training in Learning Language and Loving It™ - The Hanen Program® for Early Childhood Educators/Teachers. The Language Learning and Loving It program is a research based, developmental approach to promote children`s social, language and literacy development. Students also gain unique hands-on experience in our onsite child development centre giving you an edge when seeking employment. With an ECE diploma, you will be eligible to register with the College of Early Childhood Educators (CECE) and use the title of Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE) Program of Study Semester 1

  • CMM110 - 3 College Communication Skills
  • ED 124 - 3 Healthy Foundations in ECE
  • ED 130 - 4 Teaching Methods I in ECE
  • ED 134 - 2 Creative Expression
  • ED 135 - 3 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
  • PSY128 - 3 Intro to the Psychology of Early Learning
  • ED 141 - 3 Introduction to Human Relations

Semester 2

  • ED 131 - 4 Teaching Methods II in ECE
  • ED 132 - 3 Language and Literacy
  • ED 136 - 9 Field Practice II
  • ED 137 - 2 Integrated Seminar II
  • HSC104 - 3 Child and Adolescent Development Part I
  • GAS103 - 3 What in the World is Going On?
  • Student Selected General Education *
  • GAS109 - 3 Music and Pop Culture
  • Student Selected General Education *
  • GAS116 - 3 Your Two Cents
  • Student Selected General Education *
  • GEN110 - 3 Student Selected General Education
  • Student Selected General Education *
  • HDG122 - 3 Personal and Academic Success Strategies
  • Student Selected General Education *
  • SSC102 - 3 Introduction to Aboriginal Peoples of Canada
  • Student Selected General Education *

Note: *Students must choose one of the identified Student Selected General Education Courses Semester 3

  • ED 223 - 4 Teaching Methods III
  • ED 270 - 3 School Age Child Care and Programming
  • ED 274 - 3 Children with Special Needs in Inclusive Settings
  • ED 286 - 9 Field Practice III
  • ED 287 - 2 Integrated Seminar III
  • GEN100 - 3 Global Citizenship

Semester 4

  • CMM225 - 3 Human Services Communication
  • ED 213 - 3 Infant Toddler Care
  • ED 247 - 4 Teaching Methods IV in ECE
  • ED 285 - 3 Building Partnerships in Early Childhood Settings
  • ED 288 - 3 Quality Assurance in Early Childhood Settings
  • ED 289 - 12 Field Practice IV
  • ED 290 - 2 Integrated Seminar IV

Clinical and Field Placements You will be required to submit documentation of having completed the following procedures prior to entering your field placement. If the appropriate documentation is not received at least two weeks prior to the start of the field placement, it may be necessary to withdraw from the course. A current (within six months) Police Records Search is required, since you will be enrolled in a program where you will have access to vulnerable people. For detailed information regarding the specifics and process, please refer to the `Police Records Search Procedure`. You are responsible for all costs associated with these requirements. Immunization and Health Record Form: This form includes the following immunization requirements: Immunity against measles, mumps and rubella

  • Current tetanus-diphtheria
  • You will also be required to sign a Statement of Confidentiality Form.
  • CPR (Level C), WHMIS, and First Aid Certificates are required. You must provide copies of your certification prior to starting your field placement.

Over your time in the ECE Program at Sault College, you will experience a variety of placements with children of differing age groups. These placement agencies are diverse and provide different opportunities to learn new skills in preparation for your professional career. You will work closely with Registered Early Childhood Educators and other professionals in community services, so that you learn the breadth of the profession and the services available to children and families in the community. Some examples of some of the placements that you may experience are:

  • Licenced infant, toddler, preschool or after-school programs
  • Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten programs
  • Best Start Hub programs
  • Children`s Rehabilitation Centre
  • Infant Child Development Program
  • Waabinong Aboriginal Head Start program

For Additional Information please see the following "Fact Sheet" **Please note Tuition prices on this sheet are for Domestic students, NOT International** http://www.saultcollege.ca/FactSheets/Program%20Fact%20Sheet%20-%20Early%20Childhood%20Education.pdf

Last updated Apr 2019

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Now is your time to be a part of Ontario’s number one College as ranked by our students. Each year, the College attracts and motivates an increasing number of students by offering a hands-on, supportive learning environment that prepares graduates for future success and the ability to make meaningful contributions to the provincial and global economy. Read less
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