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Program Description

Discover what it means to take your passion of digital photography and turn it into an exciting, rewarding and fulfilling career at The Centre for Arts and Technology digital photography school; one of the leading digital photography schools in Canada. Learn every aspect of the artistic, technical and historical sides of digital photography while compiling a professional portfolio through classroom, studio and real life assignments offered at the Centre for Arts and Technology digital photography school. Photography may have begun as a hobby for you, but you soon recognized the potential to turn your hobby into something more. You see beauty in what others may take for granted, and you know that the right lighting and composition can change the way we look at just about everything. The thought of working independently excites you and you can’t wait to share your vision with the world. Are you ready to make this vision a reality?

In just 12-months, the Digital Photography program offered at one of the leading digital photography schools in Canada will prepare you for these careers:

  • Commercial Photographer (Product, Fashion, Advertising)
  • Industrial Photographer
  • Fine Art Photographer
  • Photographer’s Assistant
  • Photojournalist/Editorial Photographer
  • Portrait Photographer
  • Sport/Action Photographer
  • Event/Wedding Photographer
  • Wildlife Photographer
  • Film/Television Stills Photographer
  • Architecture and Real Estate Photographer
  • Stock Photographer
The Digital Photography program at Centre for Arts and Technology is designed to grow your skills, introduce you to new techniques, and prepare you to hit the ground running when you begin your career. Digital Photography offers several career paths, but many of our graduates go on to open their own studios.
Here is just a small sample of companies and events that our students have worked with after graduation: Disney’s Club Penguin • Sony Music Canada • Quail’s Gate Winery • Big White Ski Resort • CIBC Run for the Cure • Boys and Girls Club of Canada • Wet Ape Productions • Centre of Gravity Summer Festival Instructors at Centre for Arts and Technology will teach you every aspect of the artistic, technical and historical sides of the craft.
Your lessons will take place in the classroom, studios, and during real photography assignments. Best of all, you’ll finish this course with a professional portfolio featuring your own brand, business cards, and website to help market your skills to new clients.
Throughout your time at the Centre for Arts and Technology digital photography school, you’ll learn Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere—Composition, Theory, Principles of Photographic Arts—the History of Photography—and Advancements in Photographic Technology.

“The structure of the Digital Photography program was ideal for quickly learning correct technique and getting one-on-one constructive feedback. Centre for Arts and Technology gave me the resources, a network, and the support I needed to lead to incredible opportunities.” – Mike Phang

Course Flow

In the first quarter, students will be introduced to the principles of photography, observing light, photographic categories, basic business practices, and professional development skills that will serve as a foundation for the remainder of the Digital Photography program. In Principles of Photography, you will be instructed, through hands-on learning and assignments, the controls of your camera and terminologies related to the exposure triangle, framing and composition, lens optics and basic color theory.

Observing Light will put light in the spotlight…how does it work and how can we as image makers manipulate it to serve our creative outcomes? Students will work in class and on assignments learning the basic shaping tools and terminologies surrounding light in the photographic sense.

Through Photographic Categories, you will gain applied skills in basic core digital graphics software, whilst researching the various genres of photography available to the student upon graduation.

Building on your first quarter studies and practices, you will delve more deeply into the art and science of photography and image making in the second quarter. Technical excellence is the focus of Principles of Photography and Lighting for Stills classes. Here you will be working on increasingly advanced technical assignments, both in a studio and on location, during hands-on, instructional class times. These assignments will cover numerous shooting scenarios and will provide the framework for strong skill-sets in creative and technical photography. These assignments will complement courses in Digital Imaging and History of Photography…digital workflow for the working professional, image processing and image manipulation

In your third quarter, you will begin to look at placing yourself in a photographic marketplace and how to do so. During Business of Photography classes, you will conduct market research and develop a business plan for your proposed employment pathway. Employability Skills will breakdown professional working practices including health and safety, basic production skills and assignment/project management.

In Lighting for Stills, you will be set to work on a series of assignments aimed at improving your working practice/confidence by giving you more creative scope within which to develop your sense of space, place and your photographic voice. Emphasis will be placed on creative direction and working methodology. Advanced Digital Imaging will continue researching and recreating manipulation principles and techniques as well as develop ‘shoot-to-edit’ skills inherent to particular genres of photography.

This is where everything comes together, your final quarter. Best foot forward is the name of the next three months. You will spend a large portion of your time in this quarter preparing your final photographic portfolios (print and website). This will be done in your Portfolio Production Workshops where you will be mentored and instructed in putting together your best images in the best way possible. We will undertake two large-scale productions, a tableau in Contemporary Photography Awareness and a photographic Essay and slideshow in the Professional Photography component.

In Business of Photography, you will build out all things necessary to get you and your images into the marketplace upon graduation…social media marketing platforms, business cards, a marketing strategy and the beginnings of a brand identity. Digital Darkroom will at continue looking at professional composite shooting, editing for print submissions and development of a dynamic workflow that will support your photographic style and working habits.

Last updated Oct 2018

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Centre for Arts and Technology is where you’ll be surrounded by other driven, creative people – just like you. You’ll work on your own, collaborate with a team and at the same time make each other the ... Read More

Centre for Arts and Technology is where you’ll be surrounded by other driven, creative people – just like you. You’ll work on your own, collaborate with a team and at the same time make each other the best you can be. You’ll feel you belong here. Read less
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