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Program Description

Digital Film Production (1097) 2 Years - 4 Semesters Ontario College Diploma Program Overview If you want to explore an incredibly exciting field, consider this 2-year diploma program. It is the perfect fit for anyone who is passionate about movies and television, has always dreamed of being a filmmaker, loves storytelling, enjoys working with advanced technology or just wants to embrace their creativity. The program is also a marketable complement to any existing degree or diploma as the opportunities in this field are numerous and varied. The film and television industry in Canada and on an international level is thriving with a growing number of major feature films shot in the Sault Ste. Marie area including on the Sault College campus! With so many entertainment and new media outlets, the global appetite for fresh and original content is virtually insatiable. Our goal is to train the digital storytellers of today and tomorrow who can produce these film projects. This is a field in the fine arts that values both creative and technical skills and is based on strong teamwork, smart business sensibilities, and unique ideas. Maybe this is exactly what you are looking for! Our unique program will cover the entire filmmaking process from idea development and scripting, through production into post-production and distribution. Students will focus on Producing, Directing, Screenwriting, Cinematography, Editing, and Sound work. They will graduate with a portfolio of high quality, story-driven projects including short films, PSAs/commercials, and a factual television pilot. Classes will cover both Feature/Short Film Production and Television Series Production. In addition to traditional, narrative filmmaking, a core focus of the program will be the growing industry need for factual and reality content for television and web. We will also address the complex, business side of the industry including networking, financing, job hunting, and film festivals. Students will learn through access to advanced technology and software and a combination of hands-on classes, personal projects, lectures, guest speakers, screenings, work placement and community/client opportunities. The program will also take advantage of everything the Sault area, Algoma region and College can offer including opportunities to work with the local theatre/acting community for narrative short film projects, interning options on local film productions as well as connections with existing college programs such as: aviation, culinary arts, adventure recreation and natural environment experiences to produce factual pilot projects. All with the added bonus of our campus being situated in one of the most beautiful parts of our country! Program of Study Semester 1

  • CMM115 - 3 Communications I
  • FPD110 - 2 Introduction to Film Theory and History
  • FPD112 - 2 Screenwriting I
  • FPD114 - 4 Production I
  • FPD116 - 2 Introduction to Pre Production
  • FPD117 - 2 Introduction to Post Production
  • GEN100 - 3 Global Citizenship

Semester 2

  • FPD121 - 3 Cinematography and Lighting
  • FPD122 - 3 Screenwriting II
  • FPD125 - 4 Production II
  • FPD126 - 5 Short Film I
  • FPD127 - 3 Factual Pilot Incubator I
  • GAS109 - 3 Music and Pop Culture
  • Student Selected General Education *
  • GAS116 - 3 Your Two Cents
  • Student Selected General Education *
  • GEN110 - 3 Student Selected General Education
  • Student Selected General Education *
  • HDG122 - 3 Personal and Academic Success Strategies
  • Student Selected General Education *
  • SSC102 - 3 Introduction to Aboriginal Peoples of Canada
  • Student Selected General Education *

Note: *Students must choose one of the identified Student Selected General Education courses. Semester 3

  • FPD231 - 4 Editing Fundamentals
  • FPD232 - 4 Sound - Recording, Post and Music
  • FPD233 - 2 Directing Workshop
  • FPD234 - 3 Factual Pilot Incubator II
  • FPD235 - 5 Short Fillm II
  • GAS103 - 3 What in the World is Going On?

Semester 4

  • FPD240 - 6 Short Film III
  • FPD241 - 4 Factual Pilot Incubator III
  • FPD242 - 2 Producing, Freelancing and the Business of the Film Industry
  • FPD243 - 2 Specialized Workshop
  • FPD244 - 4 Industry Work Placement Session

Other Information What you can expect:

  • Small Classes with a healthy student/teacher ratio that will allow for a lot of one on one time with your instructors.
  • Access to new equipment and software (all dictated by current industry trends).
  • To graduate with a demo reel, resume and references and possibly even broadcast credits.
  • You will also be part of something that is brand new and you`ll have the opportunity to shape the program with us!

For Additional Information please see the following "Fact Sheet" **Please note tuition prices on this sheet are for Domestic students, NOT International students ** http://www.saultcollege.ca/FactSheets/Program%20Fact%20Sheet%20-%20Digital%20Film%20Production.pdf

Last updated Apr 2019

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Now is your time to be a part of Ontario’s number one College as ranked by our students. Each year, the College attracts and motivates an increasing number of students by offering a hands-on, supporti ... Read More

Now is your time to be a part of Ontario’s number one College as ranked by our students. Each year, the College attracts and motivates an increasing number of students by offering a hands-on, supportive learning environment that prepares graduates for future success and the ability to make meaningful contributions to the provincial and global economy. Read less
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