Gain cutting-edge knowledge in sales and develop new key competences in the field of sales. Potentiate your entrepreneurial attitude and your creative skills to maintain and grow a portfolio of loyal and long-term clients. Also, get strategic tools to drive and persuade customers and know the importance of coaching to achieve goals effectively.

Benefits of the program

  • You will acquire the knowledge and skills that are needed to sell more successfully in the market.
  • You will be able to grow your own sales department and you will have the tools to form a sales team with high potential for success.
  • You will develop your entrepreneurial ability to have more passion in your projects, take risks and have greater tolerance to failures.
  • You will value creativity as a key skill to develop new ways to sell, attract the customer and close sales with greater possibilities.
  • You will learn to lead the client through a clear, direct and emphatic language that achieves effective and desired persuasion.
  • You will be able to apply self-coaching and coaching to carry out effective sales strategies and actions.
  • You will know the world of emotions and you will learn how to reach them through the client, in order to achieve your stated objectives.
  • You will apply personal development concepts that will make you an excellent salesman with the intention of growing, empowering you and achieving results beyond those expected.
  • You will facilitate the training of successful vendors and teams by applying the knowledge, tools, techniques and skills learned throughout the certification.

Addressed to

Sales managers, entrepreneurs and sellers of any level.

Content of the program

The Diploma in Development of High Potential Vendors consists of six modules, which total 112 hours of study in total.

Module 1. Entrepreneurial Attitude in Sales (16 hours)

  • Introduction to sales.
  • The sales process
  • The entrepreneurial attitude and its importance in sales.
  • The profile of the entrepreneur.
  • Development of sellers with entrepreneurial vision.
  • Successful entrepreneurs: cases and examples.
  • Cases of entrepreneurial companies.
  • Dynamics and activities with a focus on entrepreneurship.

Module 2. Creativity to Sell in an Effective Way (24 hours)

  • Change of paradigms.
  • Creativity as a path to success.
  • Creativity: an ability to develop and enhance.
  • The creative process
  • Importance of creativity in sales.
  • Creative toolkit for effective sales.
  • Exercises, dynamics and creative applications for sales.

Module 3. Neuroventas and NLP (24 hours)

  • The brain and its most relevant areas.
  • Introduction to NLP: Neurolinguistic Programming.
  • Importance of NLP in sales.
  • Rapport and empathy.
  • Language as driving to persuade and convince.
  • Driving techniques and language.
  • Tools and techniques of NLP in sales.
  • General concepts of Neuromarketing and its importance for sales.

Module 4. The Emotional Sale (16 hours)

  • Emotions and their definition.
  • Types of emotions.
  • The art of seduction in sales.
  • The concept of emotional marketing, emotional selling and its impact.
  • How to engage the client through emotions.
  • Emotional selling tools applied to sales.
  • Activities, exercises and practical dynamics.

Module 5. Coaching Applied to Sales (16 hours)

  • Introduction to Coaching.
  • Main aspects of a Coach.
  • The benefits of applying Coaching in sales.
  • The principles to be an effective sales coach.
  • Selfcoaching
  • Towards a Coaching model for sales.
  • Strategies, techniques and tools of Coaching.
  • Exercise, dynamics, activities.

Module 6. Motivation for the Successful Seller (16 hours)

  • The types of intelligence.
  • Emotional intelligence and its relationship with sales.
  • Control and management of sales stress.
  • Positive psychology and its focus on sales.
  • Positive thinking to sell more successfully.
  • The concept of happiness for greater fulfillment in life.
  • Motivational aspects kit for the best seller.
  • Activities, dynamics and applications to sales.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated October 30, 2018
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