Get the tools and knowledge that will allow you to develop strategies for the optimization of resources, the application of preventive measures to reduce costs, the systematization of foreign trade operations and the streamlining of customs clearance processes for goods.

Benefits of the program

  • You will obtain the tools and practical and executive knowledge in foreign trade and customs, which will allow you to establish and develop strategies for a better control of merchandise import and export operations.
  • Facilitate the optimization of resources, through the management and administration of automated programs for electronic information in pedimentos and in the control of foreign trade merchandise inventories, customs clearance supervision systems, among others.
  • You will develop the necessary tools in your company or area of ​​work, to expedite the customs clearance of foreign trade goods.
  • You will strengthen yourself for the implementation of preventive measures to reduce costs in customs matters in your company or work area.
  • You will know the importance of the relationship that exists between the fiscal aspect and foreign trade, for a better decision making within the integral administrative processes of an importing or exporting company.
  • You will develop processes through a practical and integral vision of the customs and foreign trade activity.

Addressed to

Professionals who work in the areas of imports, logistics, purchasing, and customs.

Content of the program

The Diploma in Customs Administration consists of eight modules, totaling 144 hours of study in total.

Module 1. Customs Operation (24 hours)

  • Operation of customs Mexico
  • Intelligent customs clearance of import and export merchandise
  • Electronic customs clearance
  • Documentation and requirements to perform the customs clearance of the goods.
  • Obligations of the importer.
  • Customs operation of regulations and non-tariff restrictions
  • Streamlining and simplifying the clearance of goods.
  • Agent and customs representative
  • Administrative and fiscal aspects of customs regimes
  • Laws, decrees, agreements and manuals on foreign trade and customs
  • Powers of the customs authority
  • Practical cases.

Module 2. Fiscal Aspects of Foreign Trade Operations (16 hours)

  • Obligations and benefits in fiscal matters of foreign trade operations
  • Fiscal control of foreign trade operations
  • Tax aspects of the customs operation
  • Registration of foreign trade operations
  • Tariff classification
  • Valuation of the merchandise
  • Decision making
  • Practical cases

Module 3. Import Costs (16 hours)

  • The administration of import costs in the financial planning of companies
  • The value chain within the supply chain
  • Analysis of import / export costs
  • Design and Implementation of performance indicators
  • Supply strategies and import purchases
  • Practical cases

Module 4. Automation of the Customs Dispatch and Customs Motion (16 hours)

  • Customs clearance as fiscal document
  • Interpretation of the fields of the petition
  • Handling of the instruction to fill out the petition
  • Systematization in the customs clearance of the merchandise through the Automated Integral Customs System (SAAI)
  • Control of foreign trade operations
  • Determination and payment of contributions in foreign trade
  • Manual of passwords
  • Systems practice
  • Application of preventive and corrective measures
  • Electronic file of foreign trade
  • One-stop shop for foreign trade
  • Practical cases

Module 5. Customs Application of Free Trade Agreements (16 hours)

  • Optimization of administrative and fiscal benefits of free trade agreements in the customs operation
  • Rules of origin
  • Electronic certificates of origin
  • Determination and payment of contributions
  • Merchandise invoicing
  • Rules on customs matters of free trade agreements
  • Obligations of importers and exporters
  • Verification of origin
  • Trans Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement
  • Practical cases of certificates of origin

Module 6. Internal Control and Audit in Foreign Trade (16 hours)

  • Documentation on foreign trade and customs
  • Administrative controls
  • Documentation and archiving of foreign trade operations
  • Organization of an audit in foreign trade
  • Powers of the customs authority
  • Structure of an internal audit on foreign trade and customs matters
  • Home visit
  • Verification of goods in transport
  • Legal defense
  • Conclusive agreements
  • Practical cases

Module 7. Instrumentation of Preventive Measures of Foreign Trade (Infractions and Customs Sanctions) (24 hours)

  • Elements of infractions and sanctions
  • Main sanctions and customs violations
  • Withholding of foreign trade goods
  • Administrative Procedure in Customs Matters (PAMA)
  • Substitution of embargo
  • Means of defense before the customs authority
  • Internal control of foreign trade and customs operations
  • Audit in foreign trade and customs
  • Practical cases

Module 8. Customs Administration of Companies IMMEX (16 hours)

  • Implementation of an export promotion program
  • Administration of an export promotion program
  • Administrative and fiscal obligations in the customs operation
  • Fiscal and administrative benefits of export promotion programs
  • Determination and payment of contributions for the purposes of article 303 of the NAFTA, 14 of the 2/2000 Decision and 15 of the TLCAELC
  • Customs Accounting
  • Sector Promotion Programs (PROSEC) and Rule Eighth
  • VS Submaquila Services Maquiladora
  • Control of merchandise transfer, billing and application of the Value Added Tax Law (Certification in matters of VAT and IEPS)
  • IMMEX and national suppliers
  • Preventive measures in the customs operation
  • Customs operation of certified companies
  • Annual report of foreign trade operations as an inspection tool
  • Risk analysis and customs control of IMMEX companies
  • Practical cases
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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