Develop skills that allow you to detect profitable business opportunities from the analysis and interpretation of customer information.

Benefits of the program

• Implement data discovery, so that the company benefits from consumer knowledge by designing targeted commercial campaigns.

• You will obtain the capacity to develop effective business strategies when developing and knowing the indicators of your clients.

• Acquire knowledge through predictive and descriptive models when analyzing the data of the clients that are within the organization, as well as in social networks or the internet.

• You will practice on current industry cases.

Addressed to

Executives from the business world, marketing professionals, managers and deputy managers of commercial areas, heads and supervisors of sales areas and planning professionals.

Content of the program

The Diploma in Customer Intelligence consists of six modules, which total 96 hours of study in total.

Module 1. Defining the Current Consumer (16 hours)

  • Epistemological changes.
  • Neuroscience and behavior.
  • Cognitive and affective processes.
  • Conceptual models to explain the behavior of current consumption.
  • Social psychology.
  • Development of a diagnosis of the target consumer

Module 2. Tools for Consumer Data Analytics (16 hours)

  • Introduction to data analysis.
  • Identify techniques for data analysis.
  • Practice on a computational tool.

Module 3. Analyzing Social Network Data and Online (16 hours)

  • Identify patterns in the information.
  • Analyze data on social networks, which allow defining objectives.
  • Understand better the buying process of current customers.

Module 4. Marketing Analytics (16 hours)

  • Transform customer data into signals that can guide business decisions.
  • Generate marketing campaigns based on data analysis.
  • Define the means to communicate with the client.

Module 5. Financial Evaluation of a Marketing Campaign (16 hours)

  • Analysis techniques cost_benefit.
  • Identify the main variables that intervene in the profitability of the commercial campaign. (ROI, TIR, Present value).
  • Evaluation of the proposed campaign.

Module 6. Design of Innovation Strategies (16 hours)

  • Innovation as a strategic imperative
  • Innovation management
  • Identify business opportunities from customer insights.
  • Creativity and innovation based on customer data analytics.
  • Shopper Marketing.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated October 30, 2018
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