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Program Description


The program


The Academy teaches clothing-design.

Throughout the program, emphasis is laid on the development of the students creative capacities, by giving them an artistic and visual sense of routine in the creative process combined with a solid and thorough foundation in the different areas of the craft.

Alongside the program, the students will also get an insight into the many aspects and demands of the business through visits at trade-fairs, companies and helping during fashion week, so that they are not un-prepared when they enter the work-market. The program has a duration of 2 years.

After completion, the student has acquired knowledge of the principles in the designproces, concept and creating a coherent collection, combined with technical skills such as sewing and patternmaking.

Scolastic year

The Academy uses rolling admission for the twice-yearly programs beginning in February and August.

Classes are taught monday to friday from 9.00hrs untill 14.30hrs. and the scolastic year runs from early February till late January or from mid-August till late June.

Grades and Exam

  • The projects handed in, are graded by using the danish 7-step grade scale, which translates directly into the European Grade Scale (ECTS)
  • Diplomas are in English and grades are listed both after the 7-step scale and the ECTS-scale.
  • Upon completion, the student is awarded 120 ECTS-point
  • (The weight of the different subjects are shown in points on the Diploma.)

Artistic subjects

Design process, moodboards, illustrations-technique, fashion-history, technical flats, presentation, print-design and textiles. These skills are continuously developed through the project-periods after which full collection-portfolios must be submitted for evaluation and grading.

Technical subjects

Patternmaking, construction, size-grading, draping and sewing. All students are required to make patterns in standard and own sizes. The patterns in own sizes are then sewn in fabric and fitted to the individual. By continuously draping and fitting directly on the body, the student will acquire a thorough knowledge of different morphology and how to adapt patterns accordingly.

Chosen silhouettes from the collections are then made with the appropriate techniques in the real fabrics, thus allowing the student to further develop sewing and manufacturing skills.

1st. Year/Basic

During the first year, the fundamental principles in; drawing, illustration and technical flats, along side design-process and development of moodboards, patternmaking, sewing, draping and adaptation/fitting to the human body are acquired.

Womens wear is the main focus but also outer- and underwear is introduced. Students must submit 3 full design-projects/collections for evaluation and grading. From each project a full silhouette is chosen for fabrication in real fabrics made with the appropriate techniques. The garments are also handed in for evaluation and grading.

2nd. Year/Advanced

As the level of craftmanship is progressing more advanced techniques are applied in the different disciplines. This year also include mens-wear, clothes for teenagers and kids. Even though the year is business-printed and will prepare them for the entry into the work-market, further development and strengthening of personal style, originality and talent is emphasized during this period. Furthermore the student is trained in working as part of a team on a collection, during one of the project-periods. The student must submit 3 full design-projets/collections for evaluation and grading during this year, not counting the exam. The year concludes with a final collection, which is presented in front of and graded by 2 professional external censors.


Students are required to bring own tools and materials, like scissors, pins, needles and so forth. At the beginning of the year, a check-list will be handed out with the things needed. Furthermore a personal lap-top with Adobe Cloud installed is needed for the program, as they will be used continuously throughout the 2 years. Vi recommend to wait with installation untill the students has received the student ID-card from the Academy, as Adobe offers a student discount.

Last updated Nov 2017

About the School

The Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design is a internationally renowned private Academy founded in 1983. Since the beginning, the Academy has educated clothing-designers on a high level of craftmanship ... Read More

The Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design is a internationally renowned private Academy founded in 1983. Since the beginning, the Academy has educated clothing-designers on a high level of craftmanship and with a strong visuel expression. Our Alumni are represented, at all levels in the fashion business, both nationally and internationally. Read less