Acquire a systemic and global vision that allows you to increase your abilities as a visionary leader and develop your global thinking skills to enhance human talent, innovate and transform.

Benefits of the program

  • You will update with global trends that allow you to increase the skills to lead your team.
  • You will learn new leadership tools for direct application in your environment.
  • You will create networking with people in your same positions.
  • You will have coaching sessions to accompany the process of updating and achieving the objective of the program.

Addressed to

Administrative directors, general managers and operating managers.

Content of the program

The Diploma Executive Training: Directive Update consists of ten modules, which total 96 hours of study in total.

Module 1. World and National Environment and its Paradigms (10 hours)

  • Technological change and change of economic system
  • The new economy and the new geopolitics
  • Competition, competitiveness and productivity
  • The new paradigms of management

Module 2. I, the Director (10 hours)

  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Self-esteem, control and need to be appreciated
  • Power
  • Leadership based on virtues (VBL)
  • The magnanimous leader
  • Culture

Module 3. Global Challenges of Leadership in Organizations (10 hours)

  • Fundamentals of global behavior in organizations
  • Meaning of being a global leader
  • Impact of individual behavior; emotions and attitudes at work
  • Leading global teams: team development; problem solving; member competencies; communication in teams and organization
  • Leadership based on virtues (VBL)
  • The magnanimous leader
  • Culture
  • Leadership in the organizational context: leadership competencies; road-goal leadership; transformational leadership; aspects on gender and leadership; Feedback from the leadership questionnaire

Module 4. Mega Trends (10 hours)

  • Shielding in the face of global instability
  • The redefinition of competition
  • The internationalization of the company
  • The universalization of the client
  • Putting communications in our favor
  • The explosion in biological area technology
  • The development of systems with autonomous decision making
  • The restructuring of the economy

Module 5. Innovation and Business Transformation (10 hours)

  • Creativity and ideas management
  • Idea management process: generation, alignment and selection
  • Structure of solution proposals, ideas portfolio and organizational alignment
  • Innovation as a competitive advantage
  • Value chain in innovation
  • How can I innovate ?: methodologies and techniques for the development of creativity and innovation

Module 6. Holistic and Strategic Thinking (10 hours)

  • General systems theory
  • The holistic vision
  • The nature of the systems
  • Types of systems and models
  • The general director as a strategist
  • Strategic thinking

Module 7. Transformation and Adaptation to Change (10 hours)

  • Leadership for change
  • The process of change in the person
  • The process of change in equipment
  • Structural change and change management
  • Tools to intervene in the system

Module 8. Multicultural Negotiation (10 hours)

  • Distinguishing between conflict and problem
  • Strategies for managing multicultural conflicts
  • Design, execution and evaluation of the negotiation
  • Principles and processes of negotiation
  • Defensive routines in the organization and its dissolution
  • Multicultural factors present in the negotiation
  • Strategies to flow in emotionality
  • Systemic negotiations

Module 9. Mentoring and Management Coaching (10 hours)

  • Objective of the leader as coach
  • Coaching tools
  • Objective of the leader as a mentor
  • Mentoring process tools

Coaching sessions (6 hours)

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated October 24, 2018
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