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Program Description

Business (2035)
2 Years - 4 Semesters Ontario College Diploma

Sault College`s Business program has ranked higher than the provincial program average in student satisfaction over the past two years, making it an excellent investment in your future career. In 2014, the program received 100% satisfaction from our grads.

Our Business program specializes in providing you with the best education possible in the competitive world of business. Sault College`s unique geographic location, bordering the United States, allows us the opportunity to provide a global perspective to the important study of business. Our well-respected instructors, guest speakers, and curriculum integrate the use of current technologies and innovative software in a simulation of the real world of business, giving you the edge you need to succeed. You can rest assured that the Business program will provide you with a unique set of skills that are in increasing demand and highly regarded by the business community. At Sault College, preparing you for a successful career is Our Business.

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and currently unemployed, you may qualify for second career funding for this program! To learn more about your options and how to get started, contact us at studentrecruitment@saultcollege.ca.

NEW for 2016 - Collaborative learning using a common curriculum across a shared platform between all six northern Ontario colleges!

When enrolled in our (2035) business program, you will use curriculum developed jointly by faculty and deans of six northern colleges that meets the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities guidelines. Unless you are starting the program in January, your first year of classes will all be in a traditional classroom setting. In the second year and further, you may have some of your classes along with a number of students from other Colleges, brought together by a learning management system and web-based conferencing. The Professor in these classes may be from your home college or may be from one of the other colleges assigned to teach that course.

Collaborative programming provides a common curriculum and a single course outline for each course in this program at all six northern colleges. You will learn the same material no matter which of the six colleges you are attending. The curriculum can be delivered across a shared platform using the full breadth of faculty resources from all the northern colleges. Course delivery combines and includes students who have scheduled lessons in the same classroom as the professor, students in a classroom remote from the professor and/or studying from a location away from any classroom, but with connection to the internet. All students will have the ability to participate in class. Sessions will also be recorded for later review.

Program of Study

Semester 1

  • BCA101 - 4 Introduction to Financial Accounting

<li>BCG101 - 3 Introduction to Business Concepts</li> <li>BCH101 - 3 Introduction to Human Resources</li> <li>BCM101 - 3 Introduction to Marketing</li> <li>BCO101 - 4 Business Math</li> <li>BCO103 - 3 Computer Applications for Business</li> <li>CMM115 - 3 Communications I</li>

Semester 2

  • BCA102 - 4 Financial Accounting 2
  • BCM102 - 3 Marketing 2
  • BCO105 - 4 Business Math 2
  • BCO106 - 3 Microeconomics
  • BCO107 - 3 Spreadsheet Management
  • CMM215 - 3 Business Communication
  • GEN100 - 3 Global Citizenship

Semester 3

  • BCA204 - 4 Management Accounting I
  • BCG205 - 4 Operations Management
  • BCM203 - 3 Professional Selling
  • BCO207 - 3 Macroeconomics
  • BUS228 - 3 Small Business Management
  • BCH102 - 3 Organizational Behaviour

Semester 4

  • BCG203 - 3 Entrepreneurship
  • BCG204 - 3 Business Law
  • BCG206 - 3 Corporate Social Responsibility
  • BCG207 - 3 Quantitative Management: Methods
  • BCG307 - 3 Project Management
  • BCH207 - 3 Human Resource Management
  • GAS103 - 3 What in the World is Going On?
  • Student Selected General Education *
  • GAS109 - 3 Music and Pop Culture
  • Student Selected General Education *
  • GAS116 - 3 Your Two Cents
  • Student Selected General Education *
  • GEN110 - 3 Student Selected General Education
  • Student Selected General Education *
  • HDG122 - 3 Personal and Academic Success Strategies
  • Student Selected General Education *
  • SSC102 - 3 Introduction to Aboriginal Peoples of Canada
  • Student Selected General Education *

Note: *Students must choose one of the identified Student Selected General Education Courses

What You'll Need

Grade 11 Math

Books and Supplies

Getting the supplies you need to study is important to your success.

Once you have paid your fees and have registered for your semester, you'll be able to see your most up-to-date book lists on your student portal at my.saultcollege.ca. You can then take this list to the Book Store to buy your books, or order them online from the convenience of your home! Just be sure to wait until your first class to remove texts from their sealed packaging so you can return them if they are not the right ones.

For Additional Information please see the following "Fact Sheet"
Please note tuition prices on this sheet are for Domestic students, NOT International students
Fall Intake: http://www.saultcollege.ca/FactSheets/Program%20Fact%20Sheet%20-%20Business.pdf
Winter Intake: http://www.saultcollege.ca/FactSheets/Program%20Fact%20Sheet%20-%20Business%20Winter%20Intake.pdf

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Now is your time to be a part of Ontario’s number one College as ranked by our students. Each year, the College attracts and motivates an increasing number of students by offering a hands-on, supportive learning environment that prepares graduates for future success and the ability to make meaningful contributions to the provincial and global economy. Read less
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