Diploma in Business Design

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Barcelona

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Diploma in Business Design

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Barcelona

THIS PROGRAM IS TAUGHT IN ENGLISH The IED Diploma in Business Design is conceived as an educational response to the new needs that design-oriented companies, consultancy firms, communication agencies and design studios have when they look for professionals who are able to combine creativity, management capacity and entrepreneurial attitude to reposition or develop new brands, products, and services. Professional outcomes: Entrepreneur, Brand consultant, Communication Strategist, Advertising Manager, Innovation Manager, New Business Developer, Customer Experience, Manager Corporate Communications, PR Manager, Product Developer, etc.


The IED Diploma in Business Design offers an educational path that teaches students how to develop skills in writing and articulation, communication and presentations, negotiations and sale, self-awareness and impact, as well as capacity for collaboration. The key work tools are research, conceptual development, visualization and prototyping of ideas and projects presentation. This course blends creativity, business, and communication, in order to teach future creative professionals how to develop, coordinate and implement ethnographical market and consumer research to generate insights, brand and product innovation as well as business design, communication strategies and event design. The first year of this course is focused on acquiring the fundamentals of design, creative economy, project culture, and methodology. Students learn to comprehend the influence that art has in business, the relevance of research, communication, public relations, and event and management design by means of visual communication. The second year involves usage of tools and techniques to develop elaborated projects with companies and offer effective and pragmatic solutions, as well as deepening on how to grasp cultural trends, do research on markets and competition, assess the impact that neuroscience has on consumers’ behaviour, develop communication and branding strategies; in addition to studying the necessary technology to communicate a simple and effective visual message through developing the own creativity and interdisciplinary methodological processes with video techniques and social media. During the third year, students learn about aspects such as research on emerging markets, collective funding, technical production of events and creation and design of service experiences, everything in order to conceive social and creative business projects. Also, the professional expertise area is chosen (Business Design or Communication and Event Design). In the end, the degree final project is developed in collaboration with real companies, where prototypes are produced. In successful cases, those prototypes will evolve and be manufactured to launch them into the market. Creative management acquires a great relevance through project management and the capacity of implementing the knowledge acquired in the previous years. Duration: 3 years
Start: October 2017 *The educational planning for all IED Diploma courses is aligned with the criteria established by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The IED Diploma program has adopted a credit structure that follows the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The IED Diploma is a private degree.



  • Historia del arte
  • Introduction to Creative Economy
  • Semiotics of communication
  • Introducción a la sociología
  • Introducción a las finanzas y budget
  • Introducción a la comunicación
  • Organización eventos y RRPP
  • Introducción al marketing
  • Introduction to Branding
  • Visual communication techniques
  • Excel
  • Social Medias
  • Introduction to design management
  • Materials and technology 1
  • Introduction to colou
  • Coaching
  • Portfolio personal
  • Semana workshops febrero
  • Share your talent conferences


  • Captación de tendencias
  • Business design research
  • Intellectual property
  • Video techniques
  • Service design and prototyping
  • Distribution systems
  • Marketing Plan
  • New Markets opportunities
  • Creative Personal Branding
  • Advertising
  • Web Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Service Design
  • Oficina de comunicación y prensa
  • Business design project
  • Public Speaking
  • Coaching
  • Portfolio
  • Semana workshops febrero
  • Share your talent conferences


  • Neuroscience and branding
  • Crowdfunding
  • Service user experience
  • Creative entrepreneurship
  • Business Plan
  • Patrocinio
  • Visual presentation techniques
  • Pre-thesis project
  • Dissertation Projects
  • Public Speaking
  • RRHH: entrevistas profesionales
  • Seminario proyecto y apoyo tesis
  • Share your talent conferences


Idoia García Management and coordination of research projects in design and new technologies. Creation of digital content for e-learning platforms. Several works on different media and platforms. Gursel Ilipinar Ph.D. Design Management specialized in Design Management and Product Management. Gary Van Broekhoven He worked in project design and management for big companies, especially in the toy business. He built the first OpenIDEO off-line group and taught innovation-related subjects in universities. His works received many awards in international publications. He’s currently involved in startups’ support and innovation training to corporations. Sergio Costa He is currently Director and Partner at SR International Consulting. He has more than 15 years of experience in business development and investments in Emerging Markets (Brazil, China, India and Russia) and international business consulting. Tati Guimaraes Designer and owner of Ciclus study. Has won several awards and gained recognition internationally for their projects, some of them are : your product Cavallum , Idea Brasil award for Ecodesign Award ; the tablecloth Bakus, selected to be distributed internationally and exclusively by MoMA ; in 2011 was mentioned in the Taiwan Design Week as an example of professional welfare power, interaction, sustainability, and humanity through their projects. Enric Bayo His professional career has been focused on helping companies to become more innovative, from both the private - Infonomia - and public - ACC1Ó - sectors. He is currently the Head of Innovation Management at ACC1Ó. Alex Beltrán He is one of the leaders of the studio StuffedPi- xels in Barcelona has worked for clients such as Adidas, TMB, Seat, Volkswagen, etc., developing video and photography post-production projects. Creator of programmed audiovisual experiences for Sónar Barcelona, Design Made Korea or Lowlands. Certified Trainer of Apple Pro and other tools such as DaVinci Resolve. David Ortega Manager and Consultant for different multinational corporations such as Volkswagen-Audi, WPP or TUI Travel groups.He has also been a Consultant in Marketing Strategy at Delvico Bates and Kantya Brand Strategies (J. Walter Thompson - WPP), and works for Premium Brands at Barna Consulting Group. He is founding Partner of Essentia Retail Business Consulting. Gabriel Palacios He has been in charge for the Marketing and Communication Department of Grupaje Canario S.L., the leading company in maritime transportation in the Canary Islands, and has been member of the Vodafone team as Project Manager for the implementation of the new image.At the moment he is combining his activity as professor in Marketing between IED Barcelona and Adwars Consulting with the development of a private project on marketing online Edoardo Fano Italian law professor in London, UK (1992-1995) ; professor and legal consultant Intellectual Property in Barcelona and Milan (1996 -present) and EU projects in developing countries (2004 - today : Kazakhstan , Chile , India, Croatia); arbitrator WIPO ( Switzerland) for the settlement of disputes between trademarks and Internet domain names.

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Oct. 2018
Spain - Barcelona, Catalonia
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