Diploma in Art and Craft


Program Description

Level 6

Overall Aim

To give students the opportunity to refine and develop art-making, profession, research and presentation skills. During the year students are encouraged to market and exhibit their work. Year 2, 3 and honours students are each provided with a studio space in which to complete their work.


3 years full-time, 30 hours per week. Part-time study options are available.

Entry Criteria

Students who satisfactorily complete the Certificate in Art and Craft (Foundation) course are credited as having complete year one of the Diploma and accepted into year 2. All other applicants must submit a portfolio of work commensurate with the standard of the level at which they seek entry. The school recognises prior learning and encourages students with previous experience, work or study based, to apply at an advanced level.

Major Studies

Painting - The painting programme is aimed at introducing students to the fundamental aspects of painting through the use of a variety of materials and subject matter. Students will be encouraged to develop individual expression and observational skills as well as the opportunity to question their own ideas and concepts. Painting techniques will be practised using student acrylic and oil paint.

Sculpture - Students will learn to use both traditional and modern sculpture techniques, materials and modes of expression. The programme covers a range of materials including clay, plaster, wood, stone and metal. Senior students are encouraged to experiment with a variety of materials and processes and to develop an individual response to 3D art making.

Ceramics - Students will be encouraged to express themselves in clay and develop technical skills and techniques relevant to their stage of development. These will include clay preparation and properties, throwing, hand building, glazing and a variety of firing and kiln building techniques. Students develop an individual mode of expression and work towards a creative and innovative result.

Jewellery - Students will gain an excellent grounding in a broad range of jewellery skills. The theory, skills, techniques and materials are explored with a free approach to both the design input and outcome. The flexibility to integrate skills and ideas into other disciplines is encouraged.

Core Studies

Life Drawing - Using a variety of approaches, students will increase their visual awareness, observational skills, understanding of form and structure; and the development of an individual interpretation. Students are encouraged to experiment with a variety of traditional and contemporary media to build up their drawing and mark making skills. Student will be encouraged to keep a visual diary.

Design (Year 1 and 2) - An introduction to theory of design elements, approaches to design and the development of ideas and the creative process. These will be explored in a variety of mediums and materials involving problem-solving and technical drawing.

Art History - The history of art and craft including pacific craft, New Zealand/Maori craft, contemporary and ancient cultures. History is studied via slide and video lectures. The programme aims to inform the student’s creative processes. Students will learn to research art and craft topics and participate in practical exercises.

Professional Studies (Year 3) - Professional Studies covers a variety of skills required to manage a career in the arts. This unit covers areas including legal contracts (e.g. with galleries and dealers), photographing work, portfolio preparation, exhibiting and promotion, tax laws, funding, bookkeeping and teaching skills.

Year 2

The emphasis is placed on developing and experimenting with ideas, techniques, processes and exploring the creative process. Students continue their studies in the core subjects and select two major studies. Students work closely with tutors to develop their abilities.

Year 3

The emphasis is on refining skills and ideas and producing a body of work for the end of year submission. Each student follows an individual learning programme designed, in conjunction with the tutors, to meet their specific learning needs and goals, Studio or workshop experience with an artist or craftsperson is encouraged where applicable. Students continue with the core studies and select up to two major studies. The students work closely with the tutors toward producing a body of work for the end of year submission. Successful students are awarded the Diploma in Art and Craft.

Last updated Feb 2018

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Hungry Creek offers you the opportunity to study and develop your creative abilities in a unique and stimulating environment.

Hungry Creek offers you the opportunity to study and develop your creative abilities in a unique and stimulating environment. Read less