Diploma: e-Commerce and Digital Marketing


Program Description

Learn about the different channels offered by digital media to promote products and services, increase profitability, build customer loyalty and position a brand.

Who is the e-Commerce and Digital Marketing graduate?

  • Managers or people responsible for the expansion and growth of an organization, interested in using the advantages of the internet in the marketing and promotion of products and services, as well as in enriching and combining digital media with physical media.
  • Entrepreneurs with practical vision in the use of digital media.

What are the objectives of the e-Commerce and Digital Marketing Diploma?


Visualize the creation of digital businesses, identifying elements of promotion and communication of products and services through electronic means.


Identify different business models and forms of income, which may originate from the use of the Internet as an extension of current businesses or new ventures.

  • Evaluate the advantages of electronic channels over traditional ones, as a complement to commercial management.
  • To know the characteristics of the online consumer in the search of suitable commercial strategies.
  • Evaluate the components of an e-commerce project, taking into account logistics, means of payment, technology and customer service.
  • Learn to use social networks, search engines and, in general, digital resources in the promotion of a product or service through the Internet.
  • Identify the challenges in the ethical and legal spheres of electronic commerce and digital marketing.

Why study at the Universidad EAN ?

Institute for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

We have the best team of professionals to train, accompany and advise on issues of entrepreneurship.

One of the best university incubators in the world

Our Ean Impacta program was highlighted by the UBI Global organization during the World Incubation Summit 2018 (WIS).

15 high-tech laboratories

We have developed important projects for the country's industries. Here the engineers who transform the world are trained!

Learning model for challenges

We broke the traditional scheme of higher education and today we teach in a practical, effective and motivating way, through the solution of challenges.

Transverse training

All of our students take courses related to the process of creating and consolidating companies and sustainable business models.

First to offer digital diploma with blockchain

We are the first institution in Colombia to offer eTítulo (electronic copy of the official university degree) with blockchain.


$ 3'300,000


Apply a 15% discount for students and graduates of the Universidad EAN * Universidad EAN .

Applies a 10% discount for early payment *.

* These discounts are not cumulative


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Registration date: May 08, 2019.

Academic activities: from May 14 to July 25, 2019.


Module 1 - Introduction to electronic commerce and business models in electronic commerce

  • Conceptual framework
  • Statistics in Colombia and Latin America
  • Origins of electronic commerce
  • Business models
  • The digital consumer

Module 2 - Canvas business models - Building an innovative virtual store

  • Innovation in business models and Canvas model for the construction of the final project.
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Components of a website for electronic commerce.
  • Platforms for the construction of online stores.

Module 3 - Logistics and customer service:

  • Delivery logistics
  • Reverse logistics
  • International logistics
  • Customer service

Module 4 - Components of a Website for Electronic Commerce

  • Building an e-Commerce Website
  • software
  • Hardware
  • Other tools

Module 5- Positioning in search engines

  • SEM vs. SEO - Marketing vs. Search engine optimization.

Module 6 - Marketing in social networks - Community Manager

  • Marketing on Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Google

Module 7 - Content generation

  • Context
  • characteristics
  • Types of contents
  • Means

Module 8 - Online advertising

  • Types of online advertising communication
  • Costs and benefits of online advertising
  • E-mail marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • The website as a marketing tool

Module 9 - Online payment methods and anti-fraud strategies

  • Delivery logistics, Reverse logistics, International logistics, Customer service

Module 10 - Exhibition of the entrepreneur project:

  • Construction of corporate Facebook.
  • Construction of the corporate Twitter.
  • Generation of digital contents.
  • Use of audiovisual tools in the promotion of the business.
  • Corporate website for electronic commerce.
Last updated May 2019

About the School

En la Universidad Ean promovemos el emprendimiento sostenible, considerando al liderazgo y a la innovación elementos fundamentales en la generación de abundancia para la humanidad.

En la Universidad Ean promovemos el emprendimiento sostenible, considerando al liderazgo y a la innovación elementos fundamentales en la generación de abundancia para la humanidad. Read less