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DESCRIPTION of “COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE, ARTE DELLA COMMEDIA” Commedia dell’Arte means theatre and not only this, dramaturgy of social life, and Art means profession, actor discipline. It is a kind of living theatre which keeps evolving, acting in human field of its time. In the theatre the word is connected to the action and the actor is the one who acts. Nowadays, the Commedia dell’Arte keeps operating as an independent category but in particular it is essential in the education and comprehension of theatrical action in author’s text for those who care about theatre. Six months abroad at EUTHECA is for everyone who wants to deepen in theory and practice, the exploration of a close connection between Commedia dell’ Arte and European Dramaturgy. AIMS: The aim is to give the student a more complete comprehension of the playwright’s work, considered not only in the scenario of a European theatre context, but how it is applied in the contemporary scenario and generally related to the work of the actor.

  • Acquire comic interpretations and the mask techniques with or without the mask (Pantalone, Capitano, Dottore, Zanni, Arlecchino, Pulcinella, Colombina ecc.) through a postural, gestural and advanced vocal training
  • Acquire breathing techniques and vocal emission
  • Acquire the rudiments of fencing and stage combat.
  • Acquire tools and techniques to be used in the creation of a characterization.
  • Understand the works of key playwrights such as William Shakespeare, Molière, Carlo Goldoni.
  • Study and develop abilities connected with acting profession in particular referred Musical Theatre and to drama texts that are studied: acrobatics, juggling, fencing, singing and historical dance.


  • Being aware of your own capacities of expression and interpretation through singing and dancing, development of communication capacities within the team work, singing skill and performing at the same time scenes and dance steps together.
  • Being able to unify different disciplines (ex. Fencing, acrobatics) in order to create the character and showing the ability of applying these disciplines by interpreting the fight with bayonets, with weapons and duels.
  • Being able to act with higher capacity of improvisation and to keep a comic style;
  • Being aware of your own presence on stage and showing a ductility of expressivity by experimenting with physical interpretation and psycology of character;
  • Knowing and applying rules in order to make things happen according to the text.
  • Recognizing in the text those conditions which move the action on the scene, assume theme on yourself, and act on the scene by improvising at first hand with the aim of , paradoxally, improvising the author’s written text.

After managed correctly the action impulses, and built the rich and complex parts for the role, the student is supposed to return and give the text in return as well as it was written by the author, paying attention even to the atmosphere, characterization, style of the selected play. Professional Preparation The six months course is preparatory. It is an authentic course which have his core of Commedia dell’Arte, theatrical genre developed in Italy, which allow the growness of the actor techniques knowledges. The course attendance gives the opportunity to have straight access to the three years academy course in acting without admission exam. QUALIFICATION RELEASED: Participation certificate of Eutheca: to completion of training courses, workshops or summer workshops participants will receive a certificate of attendance, useful for the acquisition of specific technical skills. ADMISSIONS The minimum entry age is 18. There is no upper age limit. There are no academic prerequisites for this course. Applicants must be fluent English speakers. APPLICATIONS Applications close on 31 January 2016 for spring semester and on 31 july 2016 for fall semester. We cannot accept any application submitted after this deadline. ONLINE APPLICATION Online application fee: €.100,00 by credit or debit card FEES FOR 2016/2017 For EU students: €.5.000,00 For Non-EU students: €.6.500,00 NOTE:

  • Fees for each term must be paid in advance and no later than the date specified in the student’s offer letter. Any student who is in arrears with regard to his/her fees will not be able to progress with their training until all outstanding monies owed to EUTHECA are paid. Students who have not paid fees in full prior to completing their programme of study will have their degree withheld until such payments are made.
  • Students, in exceptional circumstances, intending to leave EUTHECA must give at least one full term's notice in writing of such intention to the Academic Office. Students will be liable for fees throughout the notice period (es. if a student leaves halfway through the autumn term, they are liable for the remainder of the fees for that term and the full fees for the following spring term).

In the unlikely event that EUTHECA is compelled to close due to a force majeure, no fees can be returned nor compensation made for any period of tuition that may have been lost through the Academy’s inability to carry on its work as a result of circumstances beyond its control. TERM DATES FOR 2015/2016

  • Spring Term: 04 January to 25 March 2016
  • Summer Term: 04 April to 03 June 2016
  • Autumn Term: 05 September to 09 December 2016
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