Diploma Courses in Tourism Management


Program Description

Diploma Courses in Tourism Management

David Game Management School offers the Diploma Programmes in Tourism Management at two levels:

  • Diploma in Tourism Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Tourism Management

Together the Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses cover a wide array of modules including those that are specific to the tourism industry and those that concern general managerial subjects. Therefore, the students will be able to benefit by developing a holistic outlook of the tourism sector, which will stand in good stead for developing a varied career in the future. The Advanced Diploma in Tourism Management is equivalent to the second year of a Degree Course at a British University.

Both Diplomas are available on a full-time and part-time basis. The full-time mode is suitable for school leavers who are intent on developing their careers within the ubiquitous tourism industry of the region. The part-time mode is suitable for people who are already employed, but would like to enhance their careers further.

Modules taught in the Diploma Courses

Diploma In Tourism Management

  • Business Computing for Hospitality and Tourism
  • Business Operations in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Destination Analysis
  • Finance for Hospitality and Tourism
  • Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Special Interest Tourism
  • The Tourism Industry
  • Tourism Economics
  • Travel Agency and Tour Guiding Operations
  • Travel Geography

Advanced Diploma In Tourism Management

  • Human Resource Management
  • Management Accounting
  • Strategic Management in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Sustainable Tourism and Destination Management
  • Tour Operations
  • Management Research Report

Entry Requirements

To gain entry on to the Diploma Course, students should have successfully completed the “Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality” Course at David Game Management School. Those who have successfully completed the UK A-Level Examinations or their equivalent will also be eligible for direct admission.

Successful completion of the “Diploma in Tourism Management” will enable students to progress on to the “Advanced Diploma in Tourism Management”. Those students who already have recognised qualifications in Tourism Management or a relevant field will be considered for exemptions on a case-by-case basis.

Before the commencement of studies for both the Diploma Courses, it is expected that students should display an appropriate level of English Language proficiency. Therefore, they are required to have either successfully completed Levels 1 and 2 Courses in “English for Hospitality and Tourism Industry” at David Game Management School or possess the equivalent such as IELTS with an Overall Band Score of 5.5.


For successful completion of both the Diploma Courses, students have to fulfil the assessment requirements of the UK-based Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) (www.cthawards.com). All 10 modules at the Diploma level are assessed via written examinations. In the case of the Advanced Diploma Course, students will have to pass both an assignment and a written examination for each module, except for the final one, which requires the completion of a 5,000-word Management Research Report. Upon passing of the assessments for all of the modules at each level, students will be awarded an internationally recognised Diploma qualification by the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH), UK.

Academic Progression

Successful completion of the Diploma will lead to entry on to the Advanced Diploma at David Game Management School. After the Advanced Diploma, students will have the opportunity to gain admission to pursue the final year of an Honours Degree Course in Tourism Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management or in a relevant field at a British University. Students will also have the prospect of applying to different Higher Educational Institutions in Switzerland, Australia and Malaysia to join a related Degree Course with advanced standing. Those who wish to stay back in Thailand to work in the tourism sector will have the option of completing the final year of an Honours Degree Course through distance-learning with a British University. At David Game Management School, we will assist our students in all possible ways to obtain admission at one of the preferred Universities amongst those that recognise the CTH qualifications.

Career Progression

Both the Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications from CTH, UK are recognised by the industry around the world given the strong links that the body has with establishments such as Virgin Atlantic, ABTA and the Guild of Business Travel Agents. Successful completion of the Diplomas will open up a range of job opportunities at Executive, Trainee Managerial and Managerial levels within the tourism industry, which encompasses airlines, travel operators, tourism services including those that specialise in niche areas such as ecotourism and sports tourism, commercial recreation, inclusive leisure services, hospitality and tourism consultancies and governmental organisations. The courses also give a strong foundation in Tourism Management for those who would like to go on to become entrepreneurs in their own right.

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